Telepathy Truth Or Dare

If you found this page no doubt you have surfed countless conspiracy theory sites on synthetic telepathy and magnetic waves and government cover ups. But the truth about telepathy is that it is really a latent human trait that can be brought about by extenuating circumstances such as a near death experience or severe chemical sensitization that affects the neural network, as related in Maxie Time.

Chemical sensitization is an allergic reaction the body can develop to a number of chemicals. Commercial examples are chemicals found in epoxy and cement resins, formaldehyde, and the like. I write chemicals, but really every substance is comprised of chemicals so if the source of the chemical is organic, it is invariably caused by toxic mold . This allergy may be pre-existing but in most cases it can be induced by prolonged contact over a course of a few days or even years. Once sensitized, even very small amounts of chemicals can bring about an allergic reaction.

The medical community formally acknowledges the physical symptoms-- such as blistering, swelling, itching, and other skin and respiratory conditions. However, acknowledging the anomalous side effects such as telepathy and remote viewing are still very much suppressed bĂȘte noire in the medical, legal and political arenas.


What's In A Can Of Air Freshener?

Have you seen those big blue Waxie trucks around town? In addition to femme pads and toilet seat covers they distribute automatic dispensing air fresheners . The following ingredients comprise the majority of what you find in air fresheners that go by names like Sea Breeze, Waxie Time, and Time Scape.

secret perfume

And just what about these ingredients of known neurotoxins and asphyxiants makes the air fresher? As one of the air freshener sales reps said, "The mixture is meant to form small droplets in the air that linger." No Doubt prolonging contact with your skin and mucous membranes with this veritable cocktail of toxins .