All good dogs go to Heaven and there are No missing children there.
***A Search string leading to This Blog on July 8 2010; "Kyron's step-mother did not drop him off at school instead she drove to the island and killed him"*** from AOL, OC3 connection NY, New York...
and by some strange co-inky-dink the July 7, 2010 NY Time Crossword Puzzle answer to 61 Across HAYDN! GO SEEK [that thing that you are supposed to be seeking]! The clue was 61A Command to an Austrian composer on a scavenger hunt? ***

I suppose You think this all flew over my head, but I still want to contribute...do Red Drum frequent these waters this time of year?

[posted july 9 12:18 whoever the male recovery diver was last evening passed right over it; maybe not understanding they are looking for effects at this point; murky water/standing waves.]

An alternative take on a recent article appearing on CNN.com entitled, Police: No indication Oregon boy's disappearance is abduction By Gabriel Falcon, CNN June 11, 2010 5:24 p.m. EDT.
(CNN) USA - Oregon weeks after the boy disappeared from the school, proof of police of a 7 year old child, had been removed. He said: "At this stage, but we had taken away from me," Multnomah County Sheriff's sonnet to another witness told CNN.

"The property is insufficient because a child is a child." However, also warned seutaton find kyurenhomaneul run. "We are trying to keep it, that we live as our children on the edge of the threshold to find," said the sheriff. "But we have, of course, is to always be concerned for us about the importance of rapid growth, is found alive in the first seven days after entry."

Hörmann stepmother was reported missing fourth June after he was able to return home from school, said authorities. Step-mother in the empty room where she was placed in the class of elementary school to its second kyureneulbogo go according to police, he said.

"The last seutaton beyond. Kyuren use of air support units were easy to find. The star is good for swimming around the river overflow and focused on.

Are currently investigating the incident are still missing.

"We have a variety of ways, all kinds of criminal activities in the field of study and examination," said seutaton. "At this point we still see that it is a crime not reach this level." He is also co-star t kyurenhwamiriraneun praised. '

The momentum that seutaton "after," the other person. All the special way in which he had on them. " To view the statement and accused the authorities to help to see kyuren parents, my son happened. "Oh, your house your car, you find your property, shed of his family. "And you can leave your neighbor or his property may need help to find a friend, please check.

"You see a lot of resources not to stop.." Star t some point, the speaker must come from the family said. is "It was very traumatic for them," he said, "At this stage they want to maintain a close relationship," he said. Seutaton such a situation should be particularly affected.

"We are a school," he said. "This is no walk in the woods or in a business that a school is a different address than your home the safest environment." Hörmann kyuren message to someone. Multnomah County Sheriff's Office call 503-261-2847.

The little boy's message to someone, "You Hor!' (Home-of-Record? Or mayhaps just another poor speller?)
Something involving the use of Potassium (K), internal damage not easily detected. He seems to have made it home from school and/or was removed from school, whether anyone saw it or admits to it is another story.
Something keyed in on the home 'manual' online and it involves him having run online, and just how far is Stayton, OR from where this little boy 'ditched' school?
the questionable advantage of reading both ways:
seutaton find kyurenhomaneul run seutaton Kyuren t kyurenhwamiriraneun Hörmann kyuren
ner network equipment room
uyk unless you know
nn no nonsense; neural network
am associative memory; above mentioned, AM;
roh radius of hearing; receiver off hook; removal of hardware
nue non uniformly spaced equalizers; national union of educators
nar not at risk; no apparent reason;
iri interactive radio instruction; intercept related information; insulin resistance index
maw might as well; master arrest warrant; mothers are women...
hn hardware node; home networking; hell no; human nature;;;reference to 2 railroads not operating in Oregon
er effective roughness; emergency room/response; another railway reference Eastern Railway; equipment room; error;
eru equivalent residential unit; emergency recovery unit/utility..
uyk unless you know (different); underwriting year;
t n translators notes; true north; true negative; telephone number; train; town;
ner northeast region; more reference to railway; network equipment room; no education required;
not at ues; upper eastside
nu number unknown; name unknown
ur you are; uncertain reasoning; another railway mentioned; user range (GPS)
url ubiquity now, revenues later; upper range/reference limit;;;
rlu registered life underwriter; remote located/line unit; registered Linux user;
en enemy; engineer; electronic notebook;
nam primarily to do with Networks;
moh member of household; modem on hold;
uykd unless you know different
dni dialed number identification; do not implant; do not implement; digital network intelligence
nif not in file;
if in fact; input file (Linux); interrupt flag
fno from now on;; friday night off/out;

A follow-up article by the same Gabriel Falcon (CNN dated 06.15.2010) mentions that authorities are no longer simply treating the case as a missing person and have begun a criminal probe.

There is an area in Oregon closely associated with a recently endangered/extinct species of 'wire lettuce' Stephanomeria malheurensis, at one time endemic to southeastern Oregon and known for a single location in Harney County. (That's the only endangered/extinct species site I could readily come up with).

{A July 5, 2010 blurb regarding this case written by newswire staff indicates that Kyron's stepmother is "sick" and re-affirms the need to consider the "seed size" and a secondary reference to the "weight of the particles" is significant since the origin of the particles on the women of the family property near the northwest (apparently these 'particles' are not expected to be found in any amount in the Portland area/Northwest as they are limited to an area in the Southeast/opposite direction) and this means taking a second look at any seeds found in the home or someone's clothing; this supports the initial impression pertaining to the endangered species of wire lettuce with limited range in Harney County Oregon as Seeds of Stephanomeria malheurensis are about twice the size of seeds from Stephanomeria exigua ssp. coronaria (Gottlieb 1977). It may be possible that this particlular species of wire lettuce can be found at Botanical gardens as well, like the one in Portland where the seeds were first geminated when they were being re-introduced. The plant's preferred habitat:• Tops of broad hills above surrounding flats (Meinke 1982).• Soil derived from volcanic tuff layered with thin crusts of limestone (Meinke 1982).• Associated species include Artemisia tridentata var. wyomingensis, Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus, Elymus cinereus, Bromus tectorum, and Salsola kali (Meinke 1982). }

Is one of this child's grandfather's known to have a problem with drinking? Gets really mad when drunk? Has a large brood and associated with 'hollow part of human body (fr., coffre)'?
Free word association: Days Suite; View Edge of the City Skyline; Front/Facing (of) the Biggest Cotton Textile (dust) sees you/catches you;

The biggest or one of the biggest textile mills in Oregon is Pendelton Mills (there may be others); the original plants in Pendleton and Washougal (across the river from Portland) are still in operation, along with two mills in Portland and a manufacturing plant in Nebraska.

The following is a personal message; I play You; understand clear sighted apparent; most peaceful, safe, extreme; God does not return the Aces--to that end; I have lost all connectivity to my work and can't send my supervisor a note to let him know I won't be in tomorrow; I hope I am not missed, I plan to take the day as sick leave, since I can't get there from here

--Oh, & who is Mark Pollack? Mary or Martha Howard? It seems it takes 2 people to change a record...and He wants to know how can it be accounted for that anyone with authority had all gone missing? How can anyone have a 'high yield portfolio' in this market?
--at some point enter the library and draw a 'line connecting NE' 'running on the Pine' (Rte 86 or 395?) there is an airport there (Pine Airport), the cutoff is 'sawmill' road; taking an 'economy' tin (container, Sn=sin).

--what's in a name? Ky ron Hor man; Kyr on Horm an; Kyron Hormann; associated with swamp land; Tyre; keeper of the keys/straits...brave mighty soldier; in various languages associated with onus on adultery; human; ditchbank--either a towpath or mill water conduit; the color purple; at some point at an elevation/racing/running--allusion to Potassium and association with Kidneys supports having possibly drowned in seawater...it was violent.

I don't know who took Kyron Horman and without any feedback if any of the other reality checks are true I am reluctant to say any more because I don't want to mislead anyone; there were 2 people in a truck...he may have known them...if this much is true then I might get sick if the rest of it is true too, and I don't have any means of support if I fling myself over that cliff.

It's often said 'to err is human...'---ahhh, what luxury to be human! I remember having erred... a long time ago while visiting the largest employer in Malibu far far away I asked, "Why install express-up windows before designing and installing sensors to trigger power-reversal in case the unthinkable happens?

And now that we thought of it, shouldn't someone disable them or stop installing them until that gets done?"

To which the fella across the table from me said, "What did she just say?"

I know I have an accent but most people in this country understand it since we all grew up watching several seasons of Welcome Back Kotter with Horschack and Vinny and Julie and all the rest.

And that faux pas cost me my last job in private industry and to this day I am not quite sure if express-up windows have this safety feature and am way too pessimistic to see for myself...ahhh ignorance and denial do lead to bliss (if you are a buxsom blonde, which I am---Not!)

Sound familiar? Anyone else see what the little tiff is about?

Why do I always gotta be the one without any power to have any say in any matter to do any good yet have all the awareness anyone can ever want to see what happens when everyone else does? (Kind o' funny like Gump, only in reverse--not so much).

And for my single devoted reader following this blog now you know why Michael came out of his way just to meet me...insurance policy against my having to kill everybody since he convinced me I would have to kill them all twice while he can do it with one fell swoop---and I am all for conserving energy!

---so, anyway that's what happened the last time I thought I erred...if I were to believe then that I am seldom in err-or what brave soul wants to prove me wrong so we can all sleep better?

The Science Times article (June 29, 2010) about the Benefits of Day Dreaming mentioned allowing our minds to drift contributes to creativity and prompted 'what do eye, gown and basket have in common?' at the beginning of the article to make a point about the outcome of such brain activity by the time the reader arrived at the end of the article.

And I thought why not ask 'what do 3 Sisters, Plants (power, mill, etc.) and Drums have in common?' and get a real return on the mental excercise---why waste brain power?

But maybe there is nothing to help me sleep, any more than to get Michael to eat or, try as one can, to get Gabriel to dispense with that cigarette...

Surah 44 al-Dukhan (Smoke)
لَا يَذُوقُونَ فِيهَا الْمَوْتَ إِلَّا الْمَوْتَةَ الْأُولَى
وَوَقَاهُمْ عَذَابَ 44:56
44:56 They will not taste Death therein beyond their first death (erstwhile death); and He Preserves them from the Suffering of Hell (the Underworld, Pandemonium).

Reality Check: Is Ellen DeGeneres sui generis when it comes to her generosity toward her mother and does Fran Drescher like to play strip poker but only rarely ever loses a garment?

It is little more than passing interest that this news story by Gabriel Falcon has a reference to Potassium (K) embedded in it, considering that Chapters mentioning Smoke (41 Fussilat and 44 Smoke) each have a verse closely associated with the properties of this element (Group I Alkali Metal); and it is quite by chance that I had started a treatise on this particular topic on June 1, 2010 and had not yet got around to publishing it here. Chapter 44 Smoke was one of the Chapters not yet cited at A Page In The Life and I was just getting around to it.

Chapter 44 derives its name from the mention of 'dukhan' which means 'smoke' in Verse 44:10. While the word 'smoke' has several connotations, the basic meaning is a 'vapor' or 'mist' or more precisely 'a cloud of fine particles suspended in gas.'

In chemistry, smoke is produced when gaseous hydrocarbons, raised to a red heat or thereabouts, are mixed with an insufficient amount of air to produce complete combustion and disengage their carbon in a fine powder, forming smoke.

Surah 44 Dukhan (Smoke)
فَارْتَقِبْ يَوْمَ تَأْتِي السَّمَاء بِدُخَانٍ مُّبِينٍ 44:10
44:10 Look for (watch, observe, survey, scrutinize, beware) a Day a Visible (Obvious, Apparent) Smoke Comes from the Sky.

Sign 44:10 is interesting in the use of the word تَأْتِي "ta'ti" having the root توي "tawi" which means 'comes' or 'derives' and also means 'instantaneously'; it can be understood to mean that a visible smoke comes from the sky or derives from the sky itself.

The word مُّبِينٍ 'mubeen' can mean that the smoke is visible, but also that it makes things 'apparent' or 'elucidates'. In addition, the interstitial nature of this smoke is alluded to in the root of the word 'mubeen' which is 'beyn', meaning 'between' or 'midst'.

Depending on which form of the word mubeen is intended in Sign 44:10, (whether noun, verb, adjective, adverb, or preposition), the Sign conveys various meanings, among them that the smoke is derived from the sky itself or just comes from the direction of the sky and is sandwiched between other things (between or among something) or it links something (like layers that it is between) and/or that the smoke in some way makes things clear or reveals something as well as itself being visible.

The word 'smoke' seldom occurs in the Quran, the only other passage that I could find that pertains to the Sky and Smoke is Sign 41:11 in Surah 41 Fussilat (Criterion).

Surah 41 Fussilat (Criterion)
ثُمَّ اسْتَوَى إِلَى السَّمَاء وَهِيَ دُخَانٌ
فَقَالَ لَهَا وَلِلْأَرْضِ اِئْتِيَا طَوْعًا أَوْ كَرْهًا
قَالَتَا أَتَيْنَا طَائِعِينَ 41:11
41:11 Then He (Applied His Design) 'Directed His Attention to the Sky'/'Leveled with the Sky' when she was Smoke; He Said to her and to the Earth, "Come (Derive) Willingly (Voluntarily) Instantaneously or Forcibly (Unwillingly, Reluctantly, Compulsorily)!" They said, "We Come (Derive) Instantaneously Obediently (Malleably, Willingly)."

Sign 41:11 bolsters the understanding of multiple layers or levels alluded to in Sign 44:10, inferred from the use of the word اسْتَوَى "astawa", and the inter alia nature of the smoke, that it is somehow associated with linking or connecting layers it is amongst.

The essential root of the word "astawa" is ساو "sawa" which means to equal, match, or 'get on the same level with' or 'reach the same rank or status'. The word "astawa" in the vernacular means to ripen, mature, become fully developed or evolve; typically it is used to mean having reached a stage ready for harvesting as well as having cognates meaning 'equal' or 'equalize'. In Sign 41:11 contextual inference also holds where "astawa" means 'direct attention to'. Arithmetically, the word entails equivalence; in other words, 'members of a set in reflexive, symmetrical, and transitive relation to each other'; that they share the same solution, or are correspondent.

That God is said to having then 'astawa ila sama wa hiya dukhan' can be understood on all these multiple levels; He Directed His Attention to the Sky, or Reached the Same Level as the Sky when it was Smoke (and since in my understanding God is Greater than His Creation that would mean He Came Down to the Level of the Sky and not Up); and further to this that God Became Equivalent to the Sky (not necesarily the Sky itself per se, but a Correspondent Entity to the Sky...).

Sign 41:11 continues with 'and He Said (Called on) to her (the Sky) and the Earth 'atati' Willingly/Voluntarily or Unwillingly/Forcibly...'

The imperative 'atati' is given, meaning 'Come!' or 'Derive!' (ie., that the Earth and Sky Come together and/or Derive one from the other) to which the Earth and the Sky 'respond' (here understood to mean 'perform' or 'do as told') "We 'atati-na' 'ttaw'an".

The manner of formation for the Earth/Sky system is encapsulated in their 'response', also to be understood on a number of levels. Having established the various meanings of 'tati' and its associated root 'tawi', as discussed above, the implication is that the formation of the Earth/Sky system was done 'Instantaneously' .

Further to this, their formation is described by the word طَوْعًا 'ttaw'a' meaning willing/willingly, the root of which طيع "ttay'_" indicates that the Earth/Sky system formed in a 'malleable' , 'pliable', 'docile', 'biddable', 'plastic' manner and not in the alternative unwilling كَرْهًا "karhan" or 'by force' manner.

This leads to the conclusion that the formation of the Earth and Sky (and by extension, the Universe) from the primordial 'Smoke' was not a 'Big Bang' at all, but something a bit more 'Manageable'.

Malleability is a significant factor in this formation since it is generally associated with metals and and if the Chapter number 41 is taken to be the number of nucleons in an element/isotope, it points to 2 metals that are key players in this Cosmic Dance, 41Ca and 41K. [For the persnickety set, the words 'plastic' and 'pliable' may also be referring to collisions, deformation, neuroplasticity, warping/bending and phenotype changes--just how far does the rabbit hole go?--as far down as you want to follow it.]

The Calcium (Group II Alkaline Earth Metal) isotope (41Ca), atomic mass 40.962 (effectively 41), is produced by the neutron activation of (40Ca) and has received much attention in stellar studies because it decays to 41K (Potassium 41), a critical indicator of solar-system anomalies. The K line is also associated with Iron (Fe) in astro-spectroscopy.

Spectral absorption lines in the Sun and stars are identified with individual chemical elements or compounds and the strength of the spectral lines indicates both the amount of the element emitting the line as well as the efficiency of absorption.

While Hydrogen dominates the Sun, it is ionized Calcium's absorption lines that dominate the solar spectrum even though there is 440 x10^3 times as much Hydrogen as Calcium (note the number coded in Sign 44:10; 44 *10=440). This is because Hydrogen has a low efficiency of absorption while that of ionized Calcium is very high.

The abundances of the atoms can be calculated from the strengths of the absorption lines and the chemical composition of the outer part of a star can then be ascertained. (Since the Sun is a ball of gas without a well-defined surface, it is the photosphere that is commonly referred to when speaking of the Sun's outer surface). Relative absorption line strengths can also be used to find temperatures and densities.

Since the verses mentioned here, 44:10, 44:56 and 41:11, all share a common theme (smoke and the formation of Earth and Sky, ie., the Universe) it is acceptable to scrutinize all the numbers encoded by them as a set.

The subset {54, 56} included in this Chapter:Verse set of numbers pertains to the element Iron (Fe), another key player in the Cosmic Dance. The 54 is given by Sign 44:10 (44+10=54) and is associated with the number of nucleons of the second most abundant stable Iron isotope found on Earth, 54Fe, which is radioactive and has a very long half-life (on the order 10^22) and the line number given by Sign 44:56 points to the most abundant stable Iron isotope 56Fe.

The isotope 56Fe is of interest to nuclear and astro physics since it is much more easily produced from lighter nuclei in nuclear reactions and it is the endpoint of fusion chains inside extremely massive stars which makes it common in the Universe relative to other metals.
Iron's role is also mentioned in:

Surah 57 Iron:
لَقَدْ أَرْسَلْنَا رُسُلَنَا بِالْبَيِّنَاتِ وَأَنزَلْنَا مَعَهُمُ الْكِتَابَ وَالْمِيزَانَ
لِيَقُومَ النَّاسُ بِالْقِسْطِ وَأَنزَلْنَا الْحَدِيدَ
فِيهِ بَأْسٌ شَدِيدٌ وَمَنَافِعُ لِلنَّاسِ
وَلِيَعْلَمَ اللَّهُ مَن يَنصُرُهُ وَرُسُلَهُ بِالْغَيْبِ إِنَّ اللَّهَ قَوِيٌّ عَزِيزٌ 57:25
57:25 Thereby We Sent our Messengers Bearing Illuminating Signs and Revealed with them The Book/Scripture and the Measure/Scale whereby Mankind may Gauge/Judge Correctly/Justly and We Revealed/Sent Down Iron, in it Extreme/Intense/Violent Hardiness/Strength and Benefits for Humanity; and such that God Knows who supports Him and His Messengers, Unseen (Faithfully); Truly, God is Mighty, Powerful.

The numeric relationships encoded in these Signs collectively call attention to the connection between Calcium, Potassium and Iron and their interwoven roles in the formation of the Universe. A brief rundown of the other numbers comprising the set associated with these Signs and their significance includes:
  • 10 --as in Beryillium 10, (10Be) related to cosmic ray flux and indicates that the Sun undergoes prolonged periods of anomalous behavior in addition to its regular 11-year cycle
  • 11--Boron 10 and Boron 11, the ratio (11B/10B) of which is used to determine pH in an aqueous environment
  • 100 since 44+56=100, the ratio 44/56=79% the percent of Nitrogen (N) in air and 100-79=21 which is about the percent of O2 in air
  • 41--41Ca, 41K
  • 51--41+10; Radioactive isotope 51Cr used as a tracer in medical studies of blood cells and studying blood flow into and out of a fetus.
  • 44-- Isotopes with 44 nucleons 44Cl, 44Ar, 44K, 44Ca, 44Sc, 44Ti, 44V, 44Cr
  • 52 since 41+11=52 associated with 52Ca which is a neutron-rich Calcium isotope and Chromium 52, 52Cr, the most abundant Chromium isotope that is also radioactive and has a half-life less than 24 hours.
A relatively recent paper Fe I and Ca II K Lines in Quiet and Active Regions (of the photosphere) by Kucera, Brcekova, et al., and sponsored by ESA/NASA mentions finding that fluctuations in Fe I spectral absorption lines indicate changes between quiet and flaring regions of the photosphere and the fluctuations between quiet and plageous regions are small. (A plage is a bright region in the Sun's chromosphere, and plageous regions are typically found near sunspots). 

The authors find a correlation between the Fe I line and its relationship to the Ca II K line that 'there is no coupling between photosphere and chromosphere in quiet regions as there is no reflection of Fe I spectra lines acting in the Ca II K line centers, contrary to that plageous atmosphere is characterized by reaction of Ca II K lines intersecting to changes in Fe I line center ones; the intersections are shifted to higher values'.

(The chromosphere is a thin layer of the Sun's atmosphere that lies above the photosphere, and while it is farther away from the Sun's center than the photosphere it is inexplicably much hotter than the photosphere; spicules are a feature associated with the chromosphere and the chromosphere is sandwiched between the photosphere and the corona--things to keep in mind when looking for similars).

The 3933.7Å K and H lines can be used to determine the age of the Universe or the velocity other galaxies are moving away from ours. In each galaxy they are shifted toward a longer (redder) wavelength due to the galaxy's motion away from the Milky Way.

Knowing how much the K and H lines are shifted from a standardized, stationary source can be used to find that galaxy's velocity. These Sign values taken as wavelengths are all shifted longer than the K and H lines if they are understood to be taken as 4410, 4456 and 4111 (Angstroms Å ).

A Purist would be inclined to posit that the significance among these elements and values encoded in these interralated Signs would be expected to trickle down or propagate throughout the whole of Creation or reflect something in the nature of how we understand Reality that is worthy of remembering--in other words, they would take a Top-Down approach to how the System fits or works together.

In seeing how these elements behave in building the Cosmos it would be of interest to seek correlations of how these same players figure in their role closer to Earth. And, specifically, how everything observed is ultimately for the Benefit of Humanity.

In other words, look for similars (As Above, So Below) in everything and apply it to improve Mankind's condition (and by the same token, keep in mind that Mankind's key directive is caring for the Earth).

For example, Calcium and Potassium are among the major ions in seawater, noting that Na+, Mg2+, Ca2+, K+, Sr2+, Cl-, SO42- (sulfate), HCO3- (bicarbonate), Br-, B(OH)3 (boric acid), and F- account for almost all of the salt in seawater.

Ratios of major elemental ions remain constant, despite changes in salinity (about 35 g salts/1 litre seawater) and the percent by mass of Ca 0.04% and K 0.04% yield a Ca:K ratio of 1:1 (0.0102 Ca/ 0.0103 K molal composition (mol/kg)).

While the abundance (that of 41Ca) varies with depth, and in deep Pacific seawater is 440 ppm (the product of Sign 44:10, 44 *10=440)), the abundance of Potassium in seawater, by contrast, does not vary with depth. While both Calcium and Potassium are merely trace minerals in seawater their Ca:K balance is significant to coral reef health.

Potassium levels are important to good coloration in coral, and low K levels may lead to washed out coloration/graying or lead to stopping coral growth and/or necrosis.

Calcium provides the basis for calcification required by corals, mollusks, and algae for a variety of functions, including protection and body support, and it is hypothesized that the process of calcification itself may increase photosynthetic efficiency.

And calcium and other trace metals (such as Strontium) precipitate in the same ratios in many different coral species as the relative concentrations found in bulk seawater (such that the net effect is not readily detectable).

How these metals become incorporated into aragonite skeletons is especially important as the incorporation rate varies in a known fashion with temperature.

Understanding how corals incorporate these metals is an important aspect to exploiting the use of ancient corals as paleothermometers.

Chemical and biological oceanographers frequently analyze nutrient data with respect to the Redfield Ratios to determine which nutrient is the production-limiting nutrient. While Iron (Fe) is important in some regions, particularly open ocean regions distant from land, in most productive regions the limiting nutrient is either Nitrogen (N) or Phosphorous (P).

And while Calcium, Potassium and other trace metals in seawater contribute to thriving coral reefs, it has been demonstrated that enriched phosphate levels can significantly inhibit overall coral calcification and thereby adversely affect coral reef growth.

Correspondent to how the role Ca and K balance (and other trace minerals such as P and Fe, etc) contributes to thriving coral reefs in the Sea, clearly defined levels of Calcium and Potassium are closely linked to human health.

Calcium is used for bone formation and cell signaling and disturbances in Sodium, Potassium and Calcium levels is typically more serious than for other minerals in humans.

In many ways coral reefs in the Ocean are analogous to the brain in the Central Nervous System.

And the manner in which trace metal cations such as Ca and K contribute to the health of the coral in the Ocean is analogous to the brain and its vulnerability to either a deficit or an excess of these trace metals, in effect '...So Below'. And by extension, a talented spectroscopist may be able to draw some conclusions pertaining to how these same cations Ca and K, including Fe, behave in quiet and 'flaring' areas of the human brain (perhaps the pia mater/arachnoid/dura mater) based on relationships observed in the Sun's photosphere/chromosphere/carona spectral profile for these same elements, to plumb for the 'As Above...' correlation.

In the central nervous system, metallic cations are involved in oligodendrocyte maturation (oligodendrocytes are cells that coat axons in the central nervous system with their cell membrane forming a specialized membrane differentiation called myelin, which factors in providing insulation to the axon allowing electrical signals to propagate more efficiently) and myelinogenesis (myelinogenesis is the sequential growth and maturation of myelin sheaths which enable brain signals (neural signals) to propagate faster and with less signal loss), and metallic cations have been associated with pathogenesis, particularly multiple sclerosis and malignant gliomas; severe human pathologies as yet without efficient treatments.

Sign 57:25, may apply to these pathologies in that 57Fe is a minor stable Iron isotope which is closely associated with Mössbauer spectroscopy and the Iron-dependent enzyme RNR (ribonucleotide reductase is essential for DNA synthesis; or Rest And Relaxation, essential for averting insanity); in which case the 25 may be referring to 25–amino acid hepcidin (hepcidin 25).

Myelin is considered a defining characteristic of the (gnathostome or jawed) vertebrates, and myelination a key developmental stage in the human brain ('white matter'), continuing for at least another 10 to 12 years after birth; the rate of development of these brain structures is linked to the rate of development of related brain functions. And it is this association between metal cations, myelinogenesis and brain development in vertebrates that distinguishes them from invertebrates (like insects and worms).

The utilization of these cations in vertebrates and invertebrates differs at the most rudimentary levels.
The Ca and K ions diffuse through cell membranes but Fe is relatively insoluble. Iron and Calcium are required in vast amounts for hemoglobin and bone formation in humans; this contrasts markedly with insects that require them in only trace amounts. And phytophagous insects need relatively large amounts of Potassium and only trace amounts of Sodium, whereas humans and other vertebrates need these same minerals in reverse order.

Climate changes and ocean acidification can also affect coral reef health since calcium carbonate (used in calcification) is susceptible to dissolution in acidic conditions.

Foraminifera (or simply, foram) is a type of plankton that takes up Boron by accident while building their shells or tests out of calcium carbonate. Depending on how acidic their watery environs (related to how much CO2 there is in the atmosphere), foraminifera take up different proportions of the two available isotopes 10B and 11B (Boron 10 and Boron 11).

The ratio between the two Boron isotopes (11B/10B) yields the pH of the water in which the foram live, making them convenient bioindicators in assessing coastal coral reef health.

Climate changes occur during the Earth's lifecycle, and currently it is widely accepted that such changes have been accelerated due to increased CO2 in Earth's atmosphere (greenhouse effect).

There is a less widely accepted school of thought that changes in Earth's climate are a result of the Solar activity, specifically related to Sunspots.

Cosmegenic 10Be is produced by cosmic rays in the atmosphere, it has a relatively long half-life (about 1.36 million years) before decaying to 10B, and attaches readily to aerosols which then precipitate into the soil or get snowed out onto ice caps.

The production of 10Be is inversely proportional to Solar activity since the Solar wind decreases the flux of galactic cosmic rays that reach the Earth. It is assumed that more sunspots imply a more magnetically active Sun which then more effectively repels the galactic cosmic rays, in turn reducing their production of 10Be isotopes in the Earth's atmosphere.

This means that variations in the cosmic ray flux is recorded by 10Be in the ice core over time. 10Be isotopes in Greenland and Antarctic ice cores offer just such a terrestrial record of this Solar activity and the sunspot count can be deduced back to the year 850.

The decrease in Beryllium 10 since 1900 indicates a decrease in the cosmic ray flux over this period and that the solar magnetic flux has increased by almost a factor of 2 since 1900.

The reasons for this are not fully understood but supports the idea that the Sun undergoes prolonged periods of anomalous behavior in addition to its regular 11-year cycle.

***Screen resolution 1024x768 and it is assumed "the island" is Hayden Island and presumably BNSF Railway has some presence there. And it's not like anyone has to dive in, shouldn't LIDAR be of some use in these types of situtions? Here is best guess, never having been to Oregon and using a really old contoure map...

***(Added July 19, 2010; If she carries a tote similar to this one, there is a strong possibility they did stop at an arboretum or botanical garden and that the surveillance camera may have picked something/someone up


The Real Issue...zzzz

During the last segment of the Bill Maher show he pulled out a picture of an Afghan slum, some of it in rubble from what we can only assume was shelling, and he wondered how it is that Muslim countries, some of the richest in the world, can possibly justify having another Muslim nation subsist in such conditions. After all, there must be well over 1 Billion Muslims in the world, surely they can cobble together enough cash as say a handful of 14 Million Jews, or whatever the point was he was trying to make.

He made his point in a very funny way, I would have to watch the program again to make it sound as good, but the point is well taken. (By the way, is Bill Maher's head really as large as it appears on screen? He must have smoked way more than he owns up to in his youth; it's absolutely bulbous--sort of like Helena Bonham Carter's head in the latest Alice in Wonderland movie).

But there really is no need to belabor the reasons as to why there is no visible cooperation between Muslims, just look what happened when the Muslim Turks tried to help out the besieged Palestinians in Gaza recently (who are predominantly Christian). And that's pretty much been the history and the usual consequence of Muslim outreach in modern times.

Yeah, I know, what's one less Muslim, or five or 1 Million--I mean, here I've been gone for over 15 years and my own kids haven't missed me; my computer at work only randomly acknowledges my logging on for each day I am there which makes me wonder if I am really there or not. Still, I get my paychecks each month, less 15% diverted to coffers that have as yet to be accounted for by way of forced 3-day furloughs each month; this despite several State University studies showing that beyond a 1-day furlough per month the State is actually losing more money with more furlough days and 2 Court rulings that such cut backs in workers' wages are in fact illegal. The aforementioned non sequitur and run-on sentence is to show that it is not only Muslims that apparently cannot manage money.

So, the reason for the lack of development among these countries must not really be fiduciary but something else. (Let's eschew the obvious reason, corruption, since that is also a symptom rather than a cause). Since it is Afghanistan that is in the limelight one reason for its lack of growth is in its being the unluckies Muslim nation when it comes to natural resources.***

Let's see--it has mud...and bricks!

A point not wasted on the US Military when they went there to bomb high-value targets and couldn't find any; most of the targets bombed in Kabul (the Capital of Afghanistan) were not worth the price of 1 Bomb we dropped on them (as far as material + labor cost; we continue to ignore the price of 'collateral damage' because the pencil-necks in accounting have not come up with a way to establish that yet).**** Images of the better built Afghan domiciles along a hillside and what an advanced weapon reduces such buildings to appear below.

And Afghanistan has been beleaguered by war in some form or another since the late 1970's, which further stunts its chance at real growth. But war is only a contributing factor and not the only reason for stalled economic development; a problem specific to Afghanistan as to why it has not joined the rest of the world economy but not the big deal of a problem.

The most compelling reason for it failing to do so is also the reason the wealthier Muslim countries have not either. It is the devestating lack of education among the population, but specifically, the female population (recall a recent incident where a significant number of Afghan girls reported strange odors at school prior to falling ill and those affected reported symptoms very much like those involving toxic exposure, yet some wrote this incident off as mere mass hysteria--this should sound familiar if you have by now read Maxie Time). And where there is a pretence at educating women in these other countries, their growth is limited by the fact that the educated women have very limited opportunities for real growth, and so goes that whole society--they have set an upper limit for their own development, they maxed out.

In many of these societies, the women basically can become doctors (but only so they can marry a doctor), lawyers (and teach law), teachers (and be educators), and so on. No one ever tells these women, "Now, get out there and win one for the Gipper!"

That is the cover story. There is also a dark side. Being an educated person I have hob-knobbed with other educated people and one time in the long distant past I met a highly educated person who told me she had won a sizeable contract to go to Malaysia and report on the Muslim-Christian conflict.

This was prior to 1985 and there was not any Muslim-Christian conflict that I was aware of and I read newspapers and listened to the evening news and talked to other professionals in my field who were usually of foreign origins and they brought the news in from their own far-away homelands. Before she mentioned it, none of us had ever heard about it. And when I checked her on this, she abashedly restated that her report would come first then the conflict would ensue. Ohhh (I can be such a Ralph Kramden, or Ed Norton at times). I went straight home and casually mentioned to my significant other we should be more careful how we choose our neighbors in the future because apparently the natives are not friendly. (Husband! Don't you worry, never fear, methinks they Cannot Kill Me Twice, Dear. And, Al, I promise not to let them see me cry--how's the old leg?).

At any rate, Muslims it would appear are not the only demographic that cannot account for why the rich portion does not help out the disadvantaged amongst themselves. Here in the Western Hemisphere the poorest nation has as its popular majority Roman Catholics. Below, we see images of Haitian living conditions prior to the recent big earthquake and after. And we also see the religious leader of the Roman Catholic Church that, should he be inclined to do so, could single-handedly float the Haitian economy for the rest of its existence without having to sacrifice the quality of his robes or shoes.

And as for those really expensive bombs we drop like diamonds from the sky, for good measure, images of the homeless in Los Angeles are also included along with a photo-op of the Mayor of Los Angeles at a red carpet event in the very same hometown. If he did not ask for an assist on their behalf from every celebrity at that fete, he was not doing his job that evening working for the disestablished among his constituency (and nice suit, by the way).

Now that we know the real reason why the US is over there and by some miracle we have not found that elusive Osama, the real question is: When exactly did we first 'discover' these vast stores of Afghan mineral deposits and how much of their own country's wealth do the Afghan's get to keep?
****These newfound riches will also help the pencil-necks in accounting come up with a figure as to how much an Afghan's life, aka 'collateral damage' is worth as well; let's see $908 Billion/29 million population is about 31,310++ USD. Note: How the pencil-neck accountants have figured out exactly how much unmined mineral deposits are worth, but are clueless as the value of one human's life born in Afghanistan.


Tongues And Tails A-Wagging

Surah 49 Al-Hujurat
يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا لَا يَسْخَرْ قَومٌ مِّن قَوْمٍ عَسَى أَن يَكُونُوا خَيْرًا مِّنْهُمْ
وَلَا نِسَاء مِّن نِّسَاء عَسَى أَن يَكُنَّ خَيْرًا مِّنْهُنَّ
وَلَا تَلْمِزُوا أَنفُسَكُمْ وَلَا تَنَابَزُوا بِالْأَلْقَابِ بِئْسَ الاِسْمُ الْفُسُوقُ بَعْدَ الْإِيمَانِ
وَمَن لَّمْ يَتُبْ فَأُوْلَئِكَ هُمُ الظَّالِمُونَ 49:11

49:11 O! All You Believers! No person should belittle another person, it may well be that they (the ones belittled, gossiped about, made fun of) are the better folk; and women should not belittle (gossip about, make fun of) other women, as it may well be that they (the ones being derided) are the better (women); nor mock each other or call each other (unflattering) names ...

I, too, would rather be around wagging tails than wagging tongues.

Someone is disappointed they did not get their 'virgin'; I keep telling You they got the wrong girl, but then, again, when have You ever known me to f&%$ around?

It is interesting that this injunction first addresses all those people who have attained to faith that they should not engage in backbiting and slandering, and then specifically mentions that women should not engage in such behaviour when it comes to other women. It appears that even in this day and age this is applicable since it is true that women are the more active participants in just this type of damaging behaviour.

I don't quite know the impetus for it, but one has only to read the newspages or listen to the news for the relevance of Sign 49:11 to dawn on them and to see how wicked tongues (or twittering fingers) can cause so much grief.

It has been said that while great minds talk about ideas and middling minds talk about events, small minds talk about other people. And while a call to guard against the small minds in all of us may be looked at as a call for a Utopian society, it is really nothing more than a call to maintain a Civilized society.

Overheard in a coffee shop the other day a woman was saying, "She can barely keep herself together, she is so sick! Who are these people?" There is no good way to understand the message behind a sound bite like this, even if it is taken out of context.

But let's just say the speaker had the best intentions behind what she was saying (if she didn't want it overheard she should not have had the conversation at a neighborhood coffee shop). I was thinking just what other kinds of people there might be.

There are the kind of people that do not shoot others in the head, or rape women and children because it "Sooo does not go with what I am wearing!" And they are the very same kind of people who do not disparage the elderly for thinking they have lived long enough to express an opinion in a country that has as one of its guiding principles freedom of speech (yes, poor Helen Thomas) because they are galled by our 'friends' ruthlessly dispatching 5 relief workers execution style since they figure 'Who needs friends like that!' (If a Nazi (or a mafioso) did it to a Jew (or anyone else for that matter) would any of the rest of us stand for it? And if we did, what does that make us?)

As for Helen, while many believe she has outlived her usefulness (and this may show not only a gender bias but an age bias), having her lose her job over a random outburst (the first and last one she has had in her long career) will only give this country more of what it does not need, one stilted special interest (not in the best of the rest of your interest) voice for everyone to thrum by while making all the other reporters sit up and take notice that they, too, are not at liberty to give an 'opinion' (deviate from the kowtow party line) and by extension dare to present a balanced reporting of the news because the 'anti-Semitic' name-calling gets bandied about so readily (a modern take on the French guillotine, use once and it is Off With Their Heads, not as gorey but just as effective).

I don't know about the rest of you, but it would be nice to have a domestic source of balanced news reporting without having to go to the BBC and other non-USA news outlets for less distorted news perspectives. {And no, it is not like asking the Americans to leave the US to the Native Americans, it is more akin to asking the Arizonans to get off the Hopi Reservation (Sovereign Native American Lands) because A Deal Is A Deal and no fair grabbing when no one else is looking--or watching aghast.}

If that doesn't calm down the rhetoric, maybe this will: The same agreement that brought the Jewish State Israel into existence also made for the creation of a Palestinian State (UN Resolution 181). Either it is legal in its entirety or not at all; no such thing as Partial Accord. By this, either Israel exists Legally along with Palestine or its very existence is Illegal altogether (And who am I to say such--just a pencil-neck underpaid government analyst--of the engineering persuasion; that's whose repsonsible for generating the analysis when it needs to be made absolutely crystal clear--then they hand it over to their high-paid pencil-neck attorneys to make it all perfectly vague again who then regurgitate it to the public via mass media outlets featuring political mavens or dunderheads, oftentimes one and the same to keep everyone from focusing on the real issues).

And it is quite amazing that Israel upholds (partially) this one UN Resolution to the Death, but ignores everything else the UN has ever had to say about it or any other subject since. And the view from the top is God does not favor one person due to their Ilk (or Gangsta Colors, or Emblems or whatever else makes them feel so special, like their Moms) over another since He did not make only one kind of Person any more than He made only one kind of Beetle. Judging based on all the evidence presented at every turn, it would seem the Ultimate Reality is in the Variety (Or else what? Yup, it's only yeasty farts all around!).

Are you tricked into believing that anyone here cares enough to comment? The facts are clear, you do not live by God's Laws and it is blatantly demonstrated you do not live by Man's Laws (your own) and that's why the problem was handled in a non-political yet very effective manner. We made sure your children are not going to want the same things you want--no matter how you raise them, what you teach them, whatever you tell them--and for very Selfish Reasons; We are bored with the mindnumbing news coming out of that part of the world for that past 60+ years--How's that for Creative?