"I said to the Man, "Are you trying to tempt me? Because I come from the Land of Plenty." "--Men Without Hats

The word 'al.takathr' has the root كثر 'kthr' meaning 'many', and forms the basis for words like 'kathr' meaning 'propagate', and 'tkathr', the noun meaning 'multiplication.' Taken as a noun it is also synonymous with:
increase, propagation, proliferation, reproduction, generation, breed; and the verb form means all of the following:


Sign 102:1 appears to be making the observation that 'you are lulled or distracted by al.takathr' and on a superficial level this would indicate what is true about most people, that they like to accumulate things or partake of luxuries, yes, even that they enjoy s.e.x. (reproduction, spawning, breeding...)---well, nothing wrong with that. The problem develops when the propagation goes akimbo.

A friend once said to me that when he writes he likes to write as though he is addressing a very specific demographic--teenage boys. For no other reason than that his writing voice seems to resonate with them, since they like to think and speak as though they are so worldly but realistically how much of the world have they come to know when they have only made the trip around the Sun less times than they have fingers and toes?

So, basically he was telling me to state my case in a way that the pretentious jaded can grasp the subtext at a very simple level. I only bring this up because I am finding it hard to come up with a succint example of what is not so obvious about Sign 102:1 without it sounding like I am doing just what my friend found easiest to do--say it like I am talking to a teenager.

So, here it goes; The problem with proliferation to the point of distraction is the same problem we in the States have with s.e.x.

An alien watching the plentiful outlay of the adult entertainment industry can key right into it. By watching it they will know that the objective was probably to go out and 'invent better sex' but what it turns into is just 'weirder sex'-- somehow, in the race to produce more of it, it loses all quality or semblence or purpose to the original, to the point that it is not even practicable and the viewer is just out the $1.99 viewing fee and the actors need to continue on their meds--there, I said it.

Surah 102 Al-Takathur (Proliferation...)
أَلْهَاكُمُ التَّكَاثُرُ 102:1
102:2 حَتَّى زُرْتُمُ الْمَقَابِرَ
كَلَّا سَوْفَ تَعْلَمُونَ 102:3
ثُمَّ كَلَّا سَوْفَ تَعْلَمُونَ 102:4
كَلَّا لَوْ تَعْلَمُونَ عِلْمَ الْيَقِينِ 102:5
َتَرَوُنَّ الْجَحِيمَ 102:6
ثُمَّ لَتَرَوُنَّهَا عَيْنَ الْيَقِينِ 102:7
ثُمَّ لَتُسْأَلُنَّ يَوْمَئِذٍ عَنِ النَّعِيمِ 102:8

102:1 alhakum altakathur
102:2 hhata zurtum almaqabr
102:3 k.la sawfa ta'lamoon
102:4 thuma k.la sawfa ta'lamoon
102:5 k.la la.w ta'lamoon 'lm alyaqeen
102:6 tarawna aljahheem
102:7 thuma l.taraoonaha 'ayina alyaqeen
102:8 thuma latasa.loonna yaw.maya'then 'an alna'eem

102:1 you are distracted by proliferation; you are preoccupied with increase/luxury/breeding
102:2 until you visit the graves; even after you have visited the graveyards
102:3 both shall you know; both shall you impart/learn; No!(Never!) a delay/putting off of coming to know (either)
102:4 then (again)both shall you know; both shall you impart/learn; No!(Never!) a delay/putting off knowing (either)
102:5 Both if you learn with Certain Knowledge
102:6 You can see Hell (conflagration)
102:7 Then you can see it with a sure eye; then you can see it appointed/ordained certainly; then you can see it with an eye of certitude
102:8 then not wonder/ask whether harmful/harmless from bliss; then you will be asking which day on/about Heaven/bliss.

But the Quran does not only concern itself with the mundane, and in knowing what to look for it is just as likely that Surah 102 posits the following embedded message...

The word for distraction or diversion also means beguile and lark is 'lahua' which is the root of the word al.hakum meaning you are distracted or amuzed/beguiled. (It may be worthwhile to mention that the word for 'lark' is also ''qbreht" قبرة and is very similar to the word for 'tomb' or 'grave' 'qbr' ). But if Sign 102:1 is broken down to its most rudimentary forms we get something like:

102:1 al.hakum al.t.ka.thr= the 'hack' for M (matter) is the T (time) propagation;

And various nuances are derived from the sound of this depending on the speed with which Sign 102:1 is read, including intonation of the following syllables and their meanings:

Thr==extend;expand;run at full horsepower speed;work at full power
Al t kathr==the time propagate; extend; run at full horsepower speed; work at full power;

al. taka. thr==where taka means energy/potential and then 'thr' given above
al. tak. Kathr where tak==tachometer;

{On a personal note, it sounds like someOne out there has very keen insight into how I feel when I drive my car; and I am amuzed and beguiled by it especially when I open it up at full horsepower/speed and manage (with Your help) to dodge that last speeding ticket, for which I thank You.}

Back to the Words at hand:

Sign 102:1 is also referring to the 'hack' for M which would mean to hew, slice through, sculpt, cut matter is T (time) propagation (all this from alhakm); and 'altakathr' follows indicating the way T propagates is by running at full horsepower/speed or working at full power and also embedded is the word 'tak' (for tachometer) which in this context has to also be at full speed--phunny physics.

{Ohhh, now I get it; why all those old Honeymooner episodes were so funny. I had always thought that the funny part was trying to figure out what Alice saw in Ralph; but given this new insight it appears there was something even funnier going on. Every time Alice would ask 'What's the Matter Ralph?" he would get through explaining his predicament for the day to which Alice always had a non-sympathetic response and then Ralph would say, 'To the Moon, Alice! To the Moon!" She liked that he was going to 'hack' into the Matter by accelerating her to the Moon and I guess that was the attraction!}

But whether it is accelerating Alice at full speed or an electron Sign 102:2 has something more to add:

102:2 hata zrtm almaqabr

ht=="degrade" and it is spelled with the letter E at the end, interchangeable with the letter Y (the weak hypercharge); and while hata also means until, it also means Even or to level out/even out

zrtm==you visit, but also means to inspect something or realize; in this case M, for matter, or it could mean that matter is going somewhere given by:

al. maqabr==a 'qbr' is a grave or tomb and the prefix ma.qabr means what entombs or buries M; matter's graveyard. And it is fitting to remember that qabr also means a lark or trick, a deception.

But if it is the Y that is the subject of 102:2 then this is understood to mean that the weak hypercharge which is even is degraded until you observe that it dies out or you recognize a state of chaos. ( I know this sounds like lunacy, but I am not a particle physicist--let's just leave it at that).

The wording in 102:3 and 102:4 is identical except that the repeat in 102:4 is prefaced with 'Then' or 'And then'...

Sign 102:5 is very specific as to the manner by which the next observation is made. The overall context is that you will come to know or learn both states (the proliferation and the grave) with a certainty but it is parsed out along with 102:7 as follows:

102:5 k.la la.w t.a'lamoon 'lm alyaqeen

102:5 both if T is known with certainty...

102:7 thuma l.taraoonaha 'ayina alyaqeen

102:7 and then you can see it (chaos/pandemonium/degraded state of Y;E or what happens to matter when it is 'buried') with the 'eye of certitude' (implies an instrument with some type aperture or sensor that has very high accuracy and practically zero uncertainty in the measurement/observation).

Signs 102:1-102:5 lead to gaining a perspective or view of al.jaheem mentioned in Sign 102:6. 'Jaheem' is pandemonium or chaos, and when qualified with the definitive 'al-jaheem' it is usually understood to mean Hell. But Hell means different things to different people and in the case under discussion the context of chaos or pandemonium is more germain to our discussion having to do with matter and time and acceleration and physics in general. (3/3/10 LA Times crossword, 24D on point = germane, so I stand corrected; one of the benefits of not working with an Editor; and according to 57A '1963 Elvis hit with the lyrics 'You look like an angel..but I got wise'==ans. Devil In Disguise (no need to jump to conclusions, I always thought being a poor speller was just a genetic defect...)

And presumably Sign 102:8 gives some indication as to what answer this set of observations is meant to provide:

102:8 thuma latasa.loonna yaw.maya'then 'an alna'eem

102:8 and then to ask on that day (about) charm/beauty or where matter's 'death is recorded'; then ask 'harmless or harmful/deleterious' charm/beauty on boon/increase/see 'takathur'? /simply put 'you will no longer wonder the effects of appointing charm and beauty (grace) on increase/gain...'

It is generally taken for granted that both Surah 102 Takathur and 108 Kawthar are addressing Plentitude for sharing the word with the root 'kthr'. But According to anecdotal evidence (hadith is based on verbal history), al-Kawthar (a word which appears at the end of Sign 108:1) was said to be the name of a River in Heaven, and after a single sip from its waters those embibing it would never feel hunger or thirst again.

Some say the word has its root in a similar word for 'abundance' or 'plenty' (takathur, see Surah 102 above) which may or may not apply as well, but the root 'wathr' واثر means impact/meaning/importance/significance/ worth/value and this also applies in this case since the Prophet did rise to prominence and garner a following among those understanding the Message.

What is even more Significant is that Surah 108 is one of the shortest Surahs in the Quran and it would imply that its very few words should have a very strong Impact/Significance to whomever is reading/reciting it.

In the historical sense, the next 2 Signs would allude to the fact that the Prophet was given the injunction to worship God and observe making Sacrifice as well as recognize that he (pbuh) did suffer the slings and arrows of those very much averse to what he was on about which caused him a great deal of anxiety.

The word 'alisha'ni.aka' is literally broken down to mean that 'thing/business/concern/object...' and the emphasis is placed using 'aka' putting 'stress on the fact' that whatever the matter, it was most noisome to the Prophet and it had been rendered ineffective or literally 'amputated' ('abtr') or cut off from the body. By extension, many understand this to mean that if it was people or persons causing the Prophet difficulties that they would have no progeny or followers of their own as a consequence. Well, at least that's how the historical context goes.

Surah 108 Al-Kawthar (Abundance)
إِنَّا أَعْطَيْنَاكَ الْكَوْثَرَ 108:1
فَصَلِّ لِرَبِّكَ وَانْحَرْ 108:2
إِنَّ شَانِئَكَ هُوَ الْأَبْتَرُ 108:3

108:1 inna a'taynaka alkawthar
108:2 f.sulli lirabaka wa.anhhar
108:3 in shani.yaka huwa alabtr

108:1 Lo! We gave you significance/meaning/impact/importance
108:2 so pray/connect/contact your Lord and sacrifice
108:3 that concern/business/unease/distress/thing/matter/anxiety/'pigeon' he is cut off/severed/amputated/maimed/crippled/tailless (without following/without progeny)

But we know that the Quran, as with any sanctioned Scripture, has more dimension to it than to merely relate a personal history lesson and whatever message it imparts is intended for the maximal benefit; that's why in other contexts these Signs carry altogether different Meanings (positive and not meant to do harm, and if clearly understood, to give us some insight as to its Source).

And based on the foregoing precepts found at A Page... eeeeventually, I just Knew we would get to the Flying Lesson (makes it very difficult for me to stay mad at You).

Surah 108 Al-Kawthar (Abundance, but literally The KOTHR, CWTHR, CAWTHR, KWTHR...)
108:1 Look! Observe! (ie. Pay Attention) We gave you the Knowledge Object/Carrier Wave? True Heading/Threshhold Requirement 108.1 (deg)
108:2 Thereby Connect/Separate to/from your Controller (l.r.b. 'use' the little red button; lrbk 'at right below the knee') and 'slit the throat'= 'Cut The Throttle' (an,hr=that/to, free/open/release)
108:3 That/To anxiety-causing thing= 'put stress on the object'/'easy mark', he is tailless (No Tailwind at 108.3 deg; tailless body/craft; craft moored facing no particular direction; and the stress caused has to do with shear stress and pressure probably; and if the threshold Reynold's number is 108.1 then it is laminar flow on par with what one would expect in blood flow to the brain...)

Knowledge Object is detected from the first syllable 'ko' of the word 'kothr' (the o and w are interchangeable, so are the k and c). According to a wiki, Knowledge Objects are different than everyday things and are defined as unfolding structures that are non-identical with themselves (sounds a lot like 'Quran' to me; unfolding==revelation; non-identical==message varies depending on the need; and it's no longer a poorly kept secret that I need my Spaceship back!)

The KeyWord is likely embedded in Sign 108:1 as well, but it is hard to say whether it is deux. seh. oct. dec. or hex.; as is the word ClockWise.

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