Micelles, 'Gravicells', And Passels

There is a fundamental problem with non-native speakers translating a text (I am just as guilty as all the rest I am sure) and that is their need to rely on anecdotal or historic evidence to decode parts that pose difficulties. ***

Take for example the word 'tbt' in Sign 111:1 which is by all published accounts rendered as Perish! or Damn! when the word for such is 'taab'. I suppose part of the conflict is having to admit that no one really knows at the time what is meant by it so they have to think of something or there will be a gaping hole of not having it make any sense otherwise; which only makes things all the more difficult to understand.

I suffer from no such delusion of feeling the need for things to make sense and that's why I go with what is Written whether I understand it or not (I am also very comfortable with not worrying about what others might discover about the large body of missing knowledge I have amassed over the years, either).

So I will keep TBT as it stands and TB as is, since there are no readily meaningful terms in the Google tools Arab-English translator. In my mind I think TBT is tributyltin and TB is tuberculosis.

TBT is an environmental toxin, that while is regulated is still found in the ocean and marine life, soil and groundwater, and has been identified as a possible link to obesity in the human population.

The leading Sign 111:1 may be alluding to a crystal growth (as when forming micelles for drug delivery methods; or surfactants) or some other substitution nomenclature I am not particularly aware of these days.

So, I am just going to throw this out there to see what you think. (with transliteration)

111 Surah Lahab (Blaze/Inferno, a moniker for the Prophet's unkind uncle)
تَبَّتْ يَدَا أَبِي لَهَبٍ وَتَبَّ 111:1
tbt yada abi lhabn wa tb

tbt=TBT (acronyms: tributyltin (a biocide), tetrabutyl titanate, tres basse tension, tres basse temperature, Turn-By-Turn, technology based training)

yada=n. hand, (ar. synonyms: supervision, ingenuity, side, line, control, something 'khalid'==adj. deathless, outstanding, undying, imperishable, perrenial, timeless, immortal; adv. eternally), factor, clockwise, writing, index, coffee, manpower, hand; ar. v. sent, hand assisted, hand delivered, gives/given)

abi= n. father, dad (varient; father of =the source of something; similar to 'mother of' being a way to say 'the epitomy of something')

lhab= n. flame/glow; v. inflame, inspire/move, blaze, reanimate, thrill (alternatively, the color: reddish-orange)

wa= conj. and, while; prep. with
tb = TB (acronyms: tuberculosis, tuberculin, throttle body, True Bearing, triple buffering)

111:1 tributyltin gives the source of flame/blaze/reddish
orange color with tuberculosis

111:1 very low voltage/very low temperature controls the source of the glow while true bearing (magnetically aligned true north/ measured in relation to geographic points on the Earth's surface, rather than to points of magnetic attraction/or not relative as a value and corrected for all error factors)

مَا أَغْنَى عَنْهُ مَالُهُ وَمَا كَسَبَ 111:2ma a'ghna 'aanhu malahu wa ma ksab

ma= pron. what

a'ghna= adj. better-off/at an advantage, richer

'aanhu= adv. on account of; prep. owing to; conj. because, for (hu==his)

malahu= his money/exchange/currency/frequency/rate (speed, tempo, pace, time, velocity, charge), his wealth, his belongings, his possessions/properties

wa= conj. and, while; prep. with

ma= pron. what

k.sab= n. gaining, winning, earning, obtaining, acquisition, acquiring, gain, profit; v. gain, get something off one's hands, win, prize, profit, earn, get, harvest,reap, attain, acquire, obtain

111:2 what better-off/richer on account of his properties
and what gain/profit?

111:2 what richer/more productive/fuller
owing to his rate/currency/frequency with what gain (signal input to output ratio)

سَيَصْلَى نَارًا ذَاتَ لَهَبٍ 111:3
s.yassli naran ththata lhabin

the letter s+word (will...)

yasli v. reach

narn n. fire, flame, light/luminosity/radiance/glow/illumination, heat, flare

ththat n. self, person, object; adj. one, related to , associated with;

lhab=n. flame; v. inflame, inspire/arouse/produce/move, blaze, reanimate, thrill (alternatively, the color: reddish-orange)

111:3 until reaching a fire/heat/light related to
/associated with a flame/reddish orange color

111:3 will reach a glow/luminosity object arousing/producing (possibly
reddish-orange color)

وَامْرَأَتُهُ حَمَّالَةَ الْحَطَبِ 111:4
wa amratahu hhamalat alhhattab

wa= conj. and, while; prep. with

amra'tu= his woman, his wife; (ie female coupler/recessive counterpart)

hhamalet= n. porter, roustabout; v. carries, is carrying

alhhatb=n. firewood, firing, wood/covert=hidden/secret/stealthy; v. chop, hew, log

111:4 and/while his female coupler/counterpart carries/porters the firewood(ie., fuel/energy source)

111:4 while the female coupler (engineering; recessive part designed to receive projecting part) carries the covert/hidden/secret/stealthy

فِي جِيدِهَا حَبْلٌ مِّن مَّسَدٍ 111:5
fi jaiydiha hhblan min mmased

fi= adv. thereof; prep. in, among, at, on, during, within,by

jayidiha= her+ n. neck (ie, narrow part), prime; adj. good, perfect, pretty, kindly; adv. well, fully

hhabln=n. pregnancy==significance, rope, bond (see bond woman), cord, tether, fall/drop, twist/coil; v. inseminate, rope

min= prep.from, of; conj. than; pron. who, whoever, whom, whosoever/whatsoever

m.sad= m (that which) + n. embankment, occlusion, obduracy, barrage, dam, dike, stem, weir, floodgate, closeness; v. bung, close, shut, bar, block, clog, lock, seal, mure, foul, fill, congest, wad, tamp, stop up, stop, stuff, plug, pack, occlude, obdurate

111:5 in/within/by her neck (narrow part) a cord/tether/bond of (whatsoever)mures==encloses or walls (him/TB) in ...
ie.thereby isolating TB

111:5 within her narrow part/good/perfect coil of/from that which seals/plugs/is obdurate/rigid/intransigent (probably a very low temp/very low voltage directional coupler or similar device)

I would have just stopped at this point, thinking I probably got my point across, were it not for my primal fascination with GPS and what a great tool it is for doing the really phun stuph like tay-al-ard (folding space-time, as it is now called).
111:1 Turn-by-Turn (timeless/immortal) clockwise/writing/index/line/factor the source of movement/eternal reanimation while True Bearing

111:2 What an Advantage owing to His speed/tempo/pace/time/velocity/charge While Gaining

111:3 He Will Reach, Light/ Heat One/ Self-Related to Reanimation/Moving

111:4 And His (wife)/Recessive Counterpart Carries a Hidden/Secret (occult?)

111:5 In Her Prime Significance of that Bar==SI unit of Pressure cm/g/sec N/cm2/Tablet (Source of Inscription, small computer)/Seal

This last rendering is most directly associated with GPS (although the mention of reanimation may be a nod to Resurrection) which utilizes/rate/distance (rel. to speed+time...)/North Reference (often can choose between‘Auto’ /True North/Magnetic North/Grid North/User North) other factors such as distance, speed, elevation/magnetic declination; lines of longitude/latitude (meridians/parallels); Latitude/longitude ruler is usually divided into degrees/minutes/seconds.
Bearing is measured clockwise from True North or Magnetic North;

Hidden table or tablet could be referring to the Ephemeris/ a table of predicted satellite orbital locations.

At this point, I realize I am preaching to the choir, since You (Dear) must have had all this figured out over 4 years ago (by my reckoning, and having arrived at this conclusion at my own glacial pace).
But did You happen to catch 'Gravicells,' the Art Installation by Seiko Mikami? Apparently it's been on exhibit in one venue or another around the world since 2004. It looks to be a great large scale interactive experience where the human body (that of the observer) is used as the resistive force (counter) to Gravity (which the Artist calls 'the 6th Consciousness').
I chanced on the Gravicells website while searching similarities between geological rock folds and space folds, which got me thinking what effect the human body has on folding space-time or vice versa.
The rest of this discourse relating gravity and passels ( large number or amount or extent) will appear 'above the fold.'

***Author's Note: ...since now I know You read them. I don't have to be 100% right since We are just describing a Method here; We leave it to your fancy English speaking Russian computers to get it all Right.

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