Coma Therapy

Sleep that knits up the ravell'd sleeve of care...
William Shakespeare

Has anyone tried Coma therapy for Jani?--a 6 year old schizophrenic with psychosis so severe that massive doses of '(antipsychotic) medications seem to skip over her'.
If you can't part with her for a while try it in three-day increments.

Her Cats and Rats are probably how this 6 year old is communicating that she is having difficulty reconciling her high intelligence with her sensual (sense-u-all) side. It would be unkind to continue with adult medications that are probably doing more harm than good and certainly stay away from stuff like electro-shock therapy, that would be just plain cruel and stupid.

And we all know that you can't fix stupid.

If her psychosis is as severe as described in the Los Angeles Times article Jani's At The Mercy Of Her Mind, her 'brain' is probably racing along faster than the speed of light and can only stand to benefit from a restful induced sleep and welcome holiday from the drug interactions that are probably ravaging her developing mind.
PS Suggested reading for Jani when she 'wakes up,' Keneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows.


When You're A Zero

There is no zero in the first 31 digits of Pi !

Shake it like a ladder to the Sun
Makes me feel like a madman on the run
Find me, never, never far gone
So get your leather, leather, leather on, on, on, on

You're a Zero....
What's your name? 
No one's gonna ask you
Better find out where they want you to go
Try and hit the spot, get to know it in the dark
Get to know it whether you're crying, crying, crying, oh, oh
Can you climb, climb, climb higher? --Song lyrics Zero--Yeah Yeah Yeahs 

Some undefined while back some unidentified One, asked what the Zero song lyrics mean.
Apparently 'You're a Zero' is meaningless to all those Ones out there.

The human  body is essentially an organic electrochemical system. 

And as such it would be expected to have, and as it turns out, does have an electromagnetic resonance frequency.

For the Human brain, brain waves range according to the following frequencies:

Alpha wave-- (8-12 Hz)
Delta wave – (0.1–4 Hz)
Theta wave – (4–7 Hz)
Mu wave – (8–13 Hz)
Beta wave – (12–30 Hz)
Gamma wave – (25–100 Hz)

And it is speculated that in other parts of the body they range as follow:

Spinal Column --(10-12 Hz)
Chest Wall-- (50-100 Hz)
Feet (Standing with knees flexed vs. Rigid posture)-- (2 -20 Hz)

So, conceivably, an articulating Human antenna (that's why all the antenna jokes).

And if some brilliant Entity wanted to mess with the natural order of things and Enhance the Human (for lack of a better description), these frequency ranges may be modified to achieve unexpected or by God's Will Miraculous Outcomes.

It is commonly known that the Sky has a natural frequency and in counterpoint so does the Earth, by way of a geomagnetic frequency radiation.

A person walking around with their feet on the ground and their head in air (especially, the Sky) is making contact with both the Sky and the Earth. And generally, it is not of any great consequence and taken for granted that they can walk around, eating, playing, working, and at the end of a day, sleeping.

That is until they 'short circuit' due to some clever manipulation, or frequency matching, or 'enhancement' that would tune the body's natural frequencies to effectively 'connect' or 'resonate' with the Sky-to-Earth open circuit.

In essence, Zero out, that individual and their once-taken-for-granted oblivious erstwhile life.

We The People...Want


Grieve Not For Neda

I, too, know what it is to have raised a daughter.
Neda's song was written over 50 years ago.

عى ندہ ندہ ندہ
والورد تفتح على خدها
إذا ماأعطوني اياكي
الجبال العالية بهدها
By Neda, Neda, Neda
And the Roses Blooming on her cheek
If they don't give you to me
I will raze the High Mountains

(laugh if you want, but not bad for 1st grade speller)


One But Not The Same

K H Y 'Ayn Saad كهيعص Command Language


Track : do c=1,present population

Span Z0

If Z0<>1

Z=Z0^2 + c //This answers John’s question “Where was the explosion?”//
Code Z=” ”&delete Z //This is how I stick to my answer because they all pretended like
http://apageinthelife.blogspot.com/p/ah-question.html.//End DO Track

As evidenced by the pseudo code above I lay claim to being the worse programmer in all the Universe(s), but so as not to be out done by a 4 year old in a Ninja costume (black cape optional), I am not too proud to at least make an attempt.

If by any chance the Master Programmer in all the Universe(s) comes across this Bridge and finds others do not like what I have come up with, please add a fractal algorithm of your choosing providing a subroutine whereby ‘they’ may ‘leave.’



"That which we put into the ground she returns to us."
Big Thunder (Bedagi) Wabanaki Algonquin Chief

Taken out of context it is difficult to say exactly what Chief Big Thunder meant by this, but in keeping with the Multiverse theme, he is just as likely to have been alluding to planting bodies as seeds. In the case of bodies, he is telling us that the Earth will return the dead; in the case for seedlings, his message is that the Earth produces what we cultivate and what we consume of it becomes part of us (see, finally a circle, I heard you calling for one and here it is Mr. or Ms. 0.866025404; and have a slice of pi while you're browsing)

The Native American view of returning from the dead as well as the case for Multiple Dimensions is echoed by Chief Seattle.

"There is no death; only a change of worlds."
Seattle [Seatlh] Suquamish Chief

And the case for putting anything else into the ground (the body, or the environment) is also covered.

74 Al Mudatthir (The Enshrouded One)

وَالرُّجْزَ فَاهْجُرْ 74:5

74:5 And all pollution shun!

There are compelling reasons why revelation is often dispensed in multi-faceted sound bites; the savings in paper and ink alone is one simple consideration faced with how much it would take to have to sit down and spell it all out until the recipient reaches their final moment of clarity (and No! Deliberately poisoning someone is still not an option, all you ‘Where Have You Been Lord Randall, My Son?’ fans!)

Lately, I’ve needed to come up with examples, so in order not to tax my simple mind I have picked a readily accessible ‘for instance’ and leave it to you, dear reader, to challenge yourself with finding better ones. The injunction to avoid eating pork is in every Judeo-Christian-Muslim scripture and is not only a matter of taste.

On the surface you might think what follows is a lame attempt to make you part with that ham and cheese sandwich; but that’s just your first impression and you would be well served to keep an open mind. You don’t have to do anything, but ask yourself ‘Is it right to inflict my own poor judgment on my children?’ Can’t we just stop at having already polluted their Earth, Sky and Bodies and launched them into certain astronomical debt for the rest of their existence--without the benefit of even a good education to help them get themselves out of this mess?

Mayhaps the angst that caused all this was what Chief Many Horses (Navajo) foretold;

” … I will prepare the way for my children, and their children. The Great Spirit has shown me - a day will come when they will outrun the ‘white man’ (read, not necessarily some Caucasian-but any Oppressor) in his own shoes."

I think the Chief gave the oppressor too much credit, not realizing the kids needn’t bother to even strap on their shoes since they can do it with only their flip-flops on.

'What do you have against pigs?' you wonder. Well, nothing—Jesus found them very useful. But the fact remains, even today, while reportedly less than 1% of all slaughter pigs are infected with trichinosis parasite, this still carries a significant risk since it represents about 40 million potential meal exposures each year in the United States. (The pork industry need not get all up in arms about this; people still are gonna wanna eat pork and for those who don’t there is always chicken).

And while it may be true that less than 150 human cases of trichinosis are reported annually, less than 1% of the cases are clinically diagnosed. By some estimates 10 to 15 million people in the United States have been infected with trichinosis and about 1.5 million Americans carry the parasite; it is further estimated that there are between 150,000 and 300,000 new infections occurring annually.

Pigs are not native to America, having been brought over by ‘New World’ explorers as early precursors to ‘meals on wheels.’ But that is understandable, since many things were brought over including Africans as slaves to work plantations.

It is widely known that pigs will eat just about anything; I am hard pressed to think of anything they won’t eat. And the first dozen or so pigs that made it to these shores were the progenitors of all the domestic pigs that go to market today.

Until recently what has not been as widely known, (probably due to its having besmirched our Nation’s history), is that African-American slaves brought here to work died by the thousands. There are indications that the “mortality rate of black children on the South Carolina and Georgia coastal rice plantations was astonishingly high – nearly 90% of all children died before they reached the age of 16 years. Even on more interior cotton plantations it is likely that nearly one out of every three slave children died before adulthood. Death was certainly a way of life for African-American slaves and they had ample opportunities to make the trip from slave settlement to cemetery for their friends and family.”

Careful deliberation would make one think that if the above findings are true, slave owners had no time for anything else but to make or purchase coffins to bury their dead slaves, but “Very few planter diaries recount the events surrounding slave burials.”

There is a slave song lyric that goes “Graveyard aught to know me” and the author ventures to guess that it may be an allusion to the many trips slaves took to the graveyard to bury their dead. While admitting this is only a guess on her part, the alternative meaning is all too horrific but must be presented.

Given that slaves were not thought of as even being fit to eat the food given to the pigs, were discouraged any forms of worship, and the high cost of coffins--is the reason for this lyrical lament that the singer knew he was not likely to ultimately get to know the graveyard at all because there was a more sinister yet efficacious way to get rid of his body? Is this where the saying “Feed him to the pigs” comes from?

What are we to conclude now that we know where pigs come from, what historically they have been given to eat, and that you reap what you sow and you are what you eat? How does this speak to the attributes of God that include 'Restraint In Judgment' tempered by 'Mercy' that make the many think He is MIA or something, when a modicum of Reflection tells us He is 'Ever Present'?

Is that you gasping at this simple-minded thoughfulness or your ham and cheese sandwich?

Note: Excerpts from What is the History of African-American Graveyards? http://www.sciway.net/hist/chicora/gravematters-1.html
*For homework, explore the concept of hatred toward others and its connection to self-loathing.


Swords, Bows, Triangle UFOs And USOs

The Rider Says: Allow me to illustrate.
Dan Says: I know I heard her speak English, but what did she just say?!!
The flight in does include a pass over the Ganges so it would be a grave oversight not to mention Hinduism and its interesting parallels to Judeo-Christian-Muslim traditions. There are obvious similarities between the final reincarnation or Avatar of Vishnu as Lord Kalki (Kalkin) mentioned in the sacred Purana texts and the 'Return of the King' in Revelations and a number of passages in the Old Testament and Quran about horsemen and 'riders'.
Lord Kalki is often depicted riding or walking with his horse and is said to descend in order to restore dharma (the system of law) and cleanse the Earth of evil. So far, according to Hindus, Vishnu has made 9 descents as various Avatars, and the last descent as Lord Kalki is expected, just as the 'Second Coming of the Christ.'
Clearly, Vedic literature describes various modes of transportation or vimanas that serve as vehicles for these types of descents or ascents. Since I have no knowledge of Sanskrit, and don't think I can pick up another language, I can't say for sure what exactly these texts are describing; but it would seem a worthwhile effort to independently explore these texts in light of our current understanding of UFO sightings.
Depending on the source there have been various interpretations pertaining to the nature of these riders and their mounts and the props they carry and what these elements portend. For instance, one rider ('horseman of the Apocolypse') may be carrying a Bow or a Sword or a Scroll/Book, seated on a horse of one color or another. The above representation is a good example of just how these chargers (or Coursers (the word may also mean 'Antiquities' but I prefer 'Ancients') as referred to in Surah 100) have been a subject open to wide interpretation; as above, the Rider is supposed to be weilding a Sword, but it may just as well be a Bow, or even a 'Triangle' UFO.
Surah 40
Ghafir (The Forgiving)
(وَلَكُمْ فِيهَا مَنَافِعُ وَلِتَبْلُغُوا عَلَيْهَا حَاجَةً فِي صُدُورِكُمْ وَعَلَيْهَا وَعَلَى الْفُلْكِ تُحْمَلُونَ (40:80
(40:80) And there are (other) uses in them (referring to modes of transport and cattle) for you; that you may through them attain (carry out) to any need (what desires are) in your hearts; and on them and on { الْفُلْكِ } 'ships' are you borne (carried). (الْفُلْكِ 'al-fulook' means; orbits, ships, (or perhaps 'orbit ships') , not 'al-falaq' which has to do with astronomy and astrophysics; I selected 'ships' but 'orbits' makes just as much sense)
Surah 55
Al-Rahman (The Merciful)
(55:24) وَلَهُ الْجَوَارِ الْمُنشَآتُ فِي الْبَحْرِ كَالْأَعْلَامِ
(55:24) And His are the neighboring الْجَوَارِ facilities ( الْمُنشَآتُ installations) in the Sea like flags (ensignia, banners)
alternatively, another acceptable meaning is:
(55:24) And His are the cruising لْجَوَارِ (running, operating, sailing…,,at any rate—moving or working) structures ( الْمُنشَآتُ platforms, assemblages-- including ships, computers, constructions, ‘bridges’, etc.) in the Ocean like banners (ensignia, flags-- something lofty or raised like a flag)
(Can 55:24 be referring to Unidentified Submersible Objects (USOs)?)
(Note: Pertaining to the above Ayah 55:24 I can not take credit for this discovery. After starting this post I hoped that I was not doing anything wrong and while I was reading Surah 55, I suddenly had a compulsion to count the number of occurrences for the refrain 'which of your God's favors can you deny' which happen to be 31 and subtract to get 24 and this pointed to 55:24. Using a free online Arabic-English dictionary (babylon.com) yielded the results stated above).
Is there anyone out there still looking for God?
(وَلَقَدْ خَلَقْنَا الْإِنسَانَ وَنَعْلَمُ مَا تُوَسْوِسُ بِهِ نَفْسُهُ وَنَحْنُ أَقْرَبُ إِلَيْهِ مِنْ حَبْلِ الْوَرِيدِ (50:1
(50:1) We created man (humans) and We know what his innermost self whispers to him and We are closer to him than his jugular.
Now, I think it is only polite and equitable to stop claiming that these UFOs/USOs are something any government built or a product of some black budget project and give credit where it is due; Quran was revealed beginning 632 AD and the USA was just a twinkle in our forefathers’ eyes in 1776 AD—what’s been the distraction all this time?
Don’t let's start with the ‘where is God,’ ‘there is no justice,’ ‘bad things happen to good people,’ mantras either; clearly God took the trouble to inform us and gave us a free nature for self-determination—are we some 2 year olds that can’t take responsibility for our own mess and clean it up by now? Or maybe some of us (like toddlers) have yet to grasp the concept of object permanence since we keep looking for God as though ‘He’s’ MIA or AWOL…or just a figment of our imagination when the Signs are telling us that it is we who are a ‘figment’ of ‘His’. {By the way, did you hear the one about the fig and the date...}
While it is encouraging to see that apageinthelife.blogspot.com has been visited by just about every school board in the US and several in the UK, the careful reader is encouraged to read Maxie Time first before delving any deeper into the subject matter presented here. Other than being a shameless attempt at self-promotion of the book by the author, proceeds from Maxie Time sales will help keep this site going and it would only make sense to have some background as to what started all this. It is also important to note that the postings here are not any type of forewarning, but rather a retrospective—Michael first made his presence known in 1992...