One But Not The Same

K H Y 'Ayn Saad كهيعص Command Language


Track : do c=1,present population

Span Z0

If Z0<>1

Z=Z0^2 + c //This answers John’s question “Where was the explosion?”//
Code Z=” ”&delete Z //This is how I stick to my answer because they all pretended like
http://apageinthelife.blogspot.com/p/ah-question.html.//End DO Track

As evidenced by the pseudo code above I lay claim to being the worse programmer in all the Universe(s), but so as not to be out done by a 4 year old in a Ninja costume (black cape optional), I am not too proud to at least make an attempt.

If by any chance the Master Programmer in all the Universe(s) comes across this Bridge and finds others do not like what I have come up with, please add a fractal algorithm of your choosing providing a subroutine whereby ‘they’ may ‘leave.’

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