Fractals And Julia Sets In The Quran

If you have been following this blog, there is no denying the depth of the arithmetic underpinnings of the Quran.

As a brief survey this post considers taking the Chapter and Verse numbers in consideration as the  input values Re(c)= Chapter number and Im(c)=Corresponding verse.

A pattern emerges as to which chapters correspond to connected or disconnected Julia sets that are or are not part of the Mandelbrot set.

As a further study it is correlated which of these Chapters were revealed in Mecca or Medina versus their fractal nature and a brief survey of the corresponding Chapters with Muqati'at are given as a subset of the study.

Initially only the numeric portion of Chapter and verse were given as the Julia set values, and a further refinement was to keep the significant figures as the order of the Julia set values. For instance, Chapter 1 with 7 versus was investigated both as Re(c)=1 and .001 and Im(c)= 7 and .007 since both the chapters and versus range to 3 significant figures from 1 to 114, and 3 to 286, respectively...