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Melancholia by Albrecht Durer
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Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears A Who

Truncated Octahedron
Not Quite the Melancholia Truncated Solid In the Image Above
Schreiber (1999) identifies it(the Melancholy Octahedron) as a cube, first distorted to give rhombus faces with angles of 108° and then truncated so that its vertices lie on a sphere.
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DimensionsMutually orthogonal golden rectangles drawn into the original icosahedron (before cut off)

If the edge length of a truncated icosahedron is a, the radius of a circumscribed sphere (one that touches the truncated icosahedron at all vertices) is:
r_u = \frac{a}{2} \sqrt{1 + 9\varphi^2} = \frac{a}{4} \sqrt{58 +18\sqrt{5}} \approx 2.47801866a
where φ is the golden ratio.
The dual polyhedron of an icosahedron with unit edge lengths is the dodecahedron with edge lengths 1/ φ, where  φ is the golden ratio.
Icosahedral Graph
The centers of the faces of an icosahedron form a dodecahedron, and vice versa.
There are 43,380 distinct nets for the icosahedron, the same number as for the dodecahedron (Bouzette and Vandamme, Hippenmeyer 1979, Buekenhout and Parker 1998).
This result is easy to get by using one of the three orthogonal golden rectangles drawn into the original icosahedron (before cut off) as the starting point for our considerations. 
The angle between the segments joining the center and the vertices connected by shared edge (calculated on the basis of this construction) is approx. 23.281446° (about the tilt of the Earth's axis to its orbital plane (.993 x 23.45))
Area and volume: 
The area A and the volume V of the truncated icosahedron of edge length a are:
A & = \left ( 20 \cdot \frac32\sqrt{3} + 12 \cdot \frac54\sqrt{ 1 + 2/\sqrt{5}} \right ) a^2 \approx 72.607253a^2 \\
V & = \frac{1}{4} (125+43\sqrt{5}) a^3 \approx 55.2877308a^3. \\
Geometric relations: 
The truncated icosahedron easily verifies the Euler characteristic
32 + 60 − 90 = 2. 
With unit edges, the surface area is (rounded) 21 for the pentagons and 52 for the hexagons, together 73 (see areas of regular polygons). 


The frequency of the word 'Sky' or 'Skies', sometimes understood to mean 'Heaven'/'Heavens' is 123 times in 117 Signs. They are tabulated below with comments included for the first 19 occurrences.

{As an aside, Wow! I mean, WOW!! You fellas look more and more gorgeous--yet, somehow incredibly destitute. What gives? You lose your luggage & wallets & rich girlfriends on the way in? --16.07.2011 Sources tell me that it's nowhere near as interesting as that and that it's probably something like Roulette, Craps, or 21. Sources say it is only fair to mention that they had to tip me off because I really Am that clueless, but so is ewes guys because you don't realize that U.F.know.whO is a rare breed of gambler--He actually Likes Losing to the House! That way they send the car around.

If it's any consolation, I am just as broke and nowhere near as good looking, but I have access to a bathroom and a washer/dryer for which I endure a tremendous amount of disrespect bordering on abuse just to continue using them until You all feel that I have been punished enough for something someOne has yet to tell me what exactly it is I did to warrant 'earning' this kind of mega-havoc in my so-called Life--somebody please tell me. Telling my Father gets you nowhere, because all He'll say is 'She must have had a Good Reason!"}

There are several concepts worth developing when plumbing for the exact nature of the Sky as described in the first 19 references to it in the Quran. In 2:19 we get storms from the Sky--metaphorically, the Sky is a source of stormclouds which represent a steady, plentiful outpouring of gloominess, tyranny, and injustice.

In 2:22 the Sky is described as a 'canopy' but the precise meaning of the word bina' is associated with construction, building, masonary, and the masons themselves. That rainwater or simply water (Ma') descends from the Sky is mentioned, the concept of Ma having been developed elsewhere in Apageinthelife, including but not limited to 'negative space' and physical parameters such as mass*acceleration.

{It is noteworthy that the Japanese concept Ma for 'negative space' or 'interval,' 'gap' is expressed using the Chinese character (間) which is pronounced 'djin'. There is no mistaking that the word in Arabic for 'the unseen' or basically 'dark matter', 'things imperceptible with our human faculties' جِنَّ Jinn both sounds the same and has closely associated meanings as the Oriental variants.}

The manner of having designed the Sky as 7 (multiple) 'heavens' is suggested in 2:29 and the word 'sawa' is elaborated elsewhere (Smoke 41:11) as to how God 'corresponds' or 'levels' with the Sky. The terms 'squares', 'equalizes', 'normalizes', 'compounds,' 'patches,' 'flattens', and such, in addition to being mathematical operations, are also steps involving actual 'workmaship'. The understanding is that God literally 'fashions' or 'makes' the Sky that we perceive over our heads. The number 7 may be the actual count of how many eschelons of Sky there are, but idiomatically it means 'a multiple of things' or ' unspecified number' {I miss Capt. Bennett (& not with a weapon like You did me the other day) as much as Tommy (who can ever forget the fella who bought them their first pair of steel-toe workboots?) as much as gimpy U-Boat Al (technically not a Nazi, since he was underwater the whole time, who warned me time and again 'never let them see you cry,' or what Al-- huh, what?}.In 2:59 it is mentioned that from the Sky is revealed as well as sent or manifested God's Wrath on those who have incurred it, where 'wrath' is also understood to mean 'plague', and not necessarily always a disease, but any type of punishment that is in direct consequence to and the same kind as the transgressors' own 'debauchery' (there is no contradiction in the Sky being both a source of blessings and punishment, the understanding is that it provides a reciprocation, alluded to in how the Sky Echoes or Reverberates or provides the feedback for what People do on Earth).

Chapter 2, Verse 144, Word Number 6 is the 7th occurrence mentioning the Sky, turning the Prophet's Qibla direction 'to one that would please him'. The Qibla marks the direction of prayer, but also connotes 'kissing,' 'osculation,' that while alluding to things of an intimate nature also have to do with planar curves (discussion about curvature and osculating circles mentioned in the post 'If It Walks Like A Duck...'). {Is this where the phrase 'at six's and seven's' comes from? Does it mean being torn between making an emotional vs. cerebral decision? --other than that there is nice math symmetry in 2:144:6}.

And if You are into math, and symmetry, (2:164:3) al-samawati , (2:164:21) l-samāi, (2:164:39) l-samāi, offer all that in a neat package, including the 'mechanism' that is the Sky. Sign 2:164 offers not 1, or 2, but 3--count them 3, mentions of the Sky at word locations 3, 21, and 39 in the verse. At position 3, the Skies are mentioned as a Sign of God having Created them (Creates them); at position 21 Ma' comes from the Sky to Revive the Earth and is responsible for sustaining everything on it, including the streaming winds and the clouds that are 'harnassed' (الْمُسَخِّرِ musaghara) between the earth and the Sky (mentioned at position 39). The word for harnassed also has to do with 'gears' and we understand gears to trasmit motion from one body to another as in toothed gears, they serve to 'engage' an activity/equipment like when putting something into gear, and gears also transmit power and/or direction (like in a vehicle transmission)--a term closely related to equipment and machines.

Sign 3:5:11 marks the location of the word Sky as the 11th and last word in this Verse which reminds us that nothing can be kept secret/veiled/incognito/surreptitious from God, whether it be in Heaven or on Earth. At which point, I pause to Reflect, like any sentient being and ask myself, "Self," I said, "what vantage point affords such a global perspective of such a large scale object as the Universe when I, myself, am merely a spec on its surface, 'not even a drop of rain in an endless ocean'?"

For me, crazy me, I see 3:5 and wax poetic about the Fibonacci sequence, the 11th term for someone else to calculate; and The Golden Section, Phi, 1.618--the shorter is to the longer as the longer is to the whole 3:5 : : 5:8.

As a set, [3, 5, 11] are markers for 'squaring the circle'--given a square with side 11, and right triangle inscribed with one leg=3, and hypotenuse=5 (some believe inscribing such circles approximates the size of the Earth to the Moon). As a vector, well, just look up in the Sky... According to Verse 4:153 the People of prior Revelation (People of Scripture, People of the Book) asked Muhammedpbuh for a Book from the Sky, well, it seems they got one, has anyone bothered reading it?

Chapter 5, Al-Ma'ida, mentions the Disciples having asked Jesus for 'a table from Heaven' (earlier post at Table, Tablet, Fields and Grains ). That God Send it down to them so that it would be an ever recurring feast/celebration for the first and last of us (Signs 5:112 and 5:114, specifically).

Ma'ida مَآئِدَةً can mean table (board, bench) and can be used to mean a repast/supper. Given that they were all gainfully employed and not in want of food, the question remained, 'what exactly were they asking for when they asked that God Send/Reveal a Table from the Sky if they were not asking for supper?'

A table can mean all of the following (aramaic root): a schedule, a lead, a guidance, something of benefit, a jump-start, a fresh start/start anew/spring; the root 'med' means 'extend'.

With all that in mind, what the Disciples were asking of Jesus is to ask God to Provide an 'extension', or 'spread', something that would 'expand', 'reinforce', 'stretch', 'impact', 'increase'; an idiom for 'work at full power'; the verb form means: to 'provide', 'furnish', 'lengthen', 'distend', 'dilate', 'supply', 'protract', and finally to offer a 'respite'.

Any one of these 'table' connotations would make more sense in context since they would be more likely to be of benefit (especially if it would furnish something like an agenda for new concepts, a new beginning, a re-awakening) to those who follow (later generations) compared to simply consuming a meal.

And the request was that this 'tabular' Revelation be repeated and not just handed down once, so that later generations may benefit from it, and that it be a cause for celebration (Recall Abraham having asked God for the Message to be Verified/Renewed for later generations in 'A Wave of Oblivious People', so not exactly 'The Last Supper'--I predict more bad cooking on the horizon--either that or a live-in master chef).

The word for celebration is '3eid' the root derives from '3d' which has to do with counting, repetition. A cause for celebration/ festival/holiday is typically associated with happy occassions, frequented by large crowds of people, kept solemn, well-attended/famous; it is interesting that a colloquialism in some parts of England for attendants to such large happy gatherings are known as 'ants'//emmett=="holiday tourist".

Considering the passage about Solomon and what He over hears one Ant say to another in 27:18 when He and His forces approach the Valley of the Ants (Naml)--does that mean Solomon made it all the way to Cornwall, England, or were 'We' just messing with the English on this one? {Having read over that particular post, it may be worth defining what it means to be a Jew, or Jewish, since one was given for what it is to be a Christian; Jewish is a Job, not some sort of couture DNA or birthright, the job description being 'To Preserve Holy Scripture' (as in keep it sacrosanct, not just keep it to yourself or solely for your own benefit). According to that definition, I only know of 1 (apparently the job doesn't pay well), but I don't get out much and the real Jews are probably hiding like thrips for fear of what the Poser Jews might do to them if they find them (ahh, the quiet, protracted respite of missing mass.}

Ayeh 6:6 from Surah Al-An'am (Cattle) is fascinating in its description of the Sky for at least 2 reasons. The first is that nothing is being Sent/Revealed or made to come down from the Sky, but it is the Sky itself that is being Revealed/Sent , وَأَرْسَلْنَا السَّمَاء عَلَيْهِم مِّدْرَارًا, wa arsalna al.Sama' 3liyhim mdraran, means 'and We Sent/Revealed the Sky to them/over them/generating a wheel/director/pouring out.' The second reason is the word mdraran, that can mean pouring, outpouring, has as a root 'mmdr' which means 'director' or 'something that goes around' or 'a wheel.'

Typically, Sign 6:6 is translated to mean an abundant shower of rain is coming from the Sky to make the rivers run, but if understood without injecting the word 'from,' which is not there to begin with, makes it clear that the Sky over our heads is itself some type of 'director', 'wheel', 'revolving' in order to make the Rivers run 'anhar' الأَنْهَارَ تَجْرِي مِن تَحْتِهِمْ underneath them in a manner which exhausted them from their own sins and thereby caused later generations to replace them.

Clearly, these are not the types of Rivers we understand to flow for irregation and to go fish, so the implication is that these are Rivers of Time since 'inhar' can be taken to mean 'days' or 'mornings' flowing by, and 'under their feet' means that those being punished grew old/tired/exhausted by it (the Sky turning) without realizing it was a consequence to their own bad behaviour (thinking it nothing of value, right under their feet, beneath them). Or, in such a conspicuous/obvious manner 'they're tripping over it' and yet somehow remain oblivious to what's going on. (I think now they're saying I have a 'medical condition'--great!, who gave it to me?--because I certainly wasn't born this way! I never heard of a medical condition that makes my 'team' members go berserker over it and do a very convincing job of 'staging' (I have to believe it was just staged, no matter how believable) their own deaths just to free up the reins and go take care of 'business'--they're even calling me 'the cosa nostra'-- and all I think I Am is Where those that did this to me are Not--everytime I see one of them or even hear their names so much as mentioned I get ill beyond description.)

This is probably a better understanding of 6:6 especially since in 6:66 the indication is 'and yet, to all this your peoples have given the lie, although it is the Truth. Say : "I am not responsible for your conduct.' {These people who poisoned me and each others' children are 'my people' ? What is Your return policy?! What's it for Spaceships which You have commandeered (see, my not wanting anything to do with these peoples (Ikhlas), I was outbound when You ran interference)? This is a fitting place for a lecture on Mercy}.

The 'director' aspect of the Sky in Sign 6:6 is that it serves to guide/give direction, as evidenced by earlier civilizations' realiance on it (preserved in everything from pyramids to cave paintings), but for my single-minded pursuit I think it has to do with a Sky Movie.

Sign 6:35 Indeed their spurning you distresses you, yet if you could create/seek a tunnel in the ground/earth or a ladder to/in the sky and bring them a sign,- If it were God's Will, He could gather them all together to true guidance: so do not be as those who are childish (ignorant/impatient)!
(Lemmesee 2011-1996= 15 years by their estimation; considering actual time and not just from the time of discovery, 2011-1992= 19 years--still not patient enough for Ya?)

"فَإِنِ اسْتَطَعْتَ أَن تَبْتَغِيَ نَفَقًا فِي الأَرْضِ أَوْ سُلَّمًا فِي السَّمَاء " means "seeking to tunnel" through the earth or "ladder to/in the sky" in order to fetch a sign", where the term 'sillam' means "ladder" ==lean, slope, heirarchical arrangement based on rank/ability, also from 'climax' ; usually it is transportable and comprised of rungs/steps at increasingly higher/forward levels or eschelons, where echelon is lit. 'rungs of a ladder' or 'levels, subdivisions'; lit. from a Greek word for climax meaning a 'series of propositions rising in effectiveness' or 'escalating steps'.

A ladder is typically used to scale 'walls'==valus =wall, rampart, row or line of stakes as fortification, often used for defense; latin 'maceria' for "wall"; other roots for which relate to make/mason/machine/Freemason (see 2:22 above). A ladder can be used to breach a defensive barrier like when scaling a fortress wall, or when used horizontally, a ladder can be used to bridge gaps. And a ladder can be traversed up or down, and for the acrobats in the group, the same ways on the flip side.

Its been said that wormholes might be intergallactic gateways and that there are microscopic black holes that exist on Earth that lead to other dimensions (The Bermuda Triangle comes up in this respect every so often). According to Sign 6:6, we don't need to get so crazy as all that (just one crazy will do).

It can be argued, and very effectively so, that the Earth and Sky permeate each other, quantum mechanically speaking. In layman's terms the question "at what level does Sky start and Earth stop?" is a valid question. The Earth is more than bedrock and water, atmosphere and electromagnetic field or its Gravity--it extends into the Sky and the Sky penetrates the Earth in a similar fashion.

On a quantum mechanical level, there is nothing that says a negatively charged electron cannot ever pass through a positively charged nucleus, however fleetingly. So, even the electrons 'orbiting' a nucleus are in fact 'touching'. When we think about it, 'touching' is nothing more than the feedback our brains are wired to receive (perception) from the interplay of these electromagnetic particles, whether they are repelling, attracting, or otherwise entangled with each other.

Since electrons are all negatively charged and form the 'shell' of atoms, on the subatomic level, when our hands touch it is the surface 'electrons repulsion' that we interpret as 'contact'. But this barrier is illusory, since quantum mechanically speaking, these very same electrons can swap places, and permeate each other's nuclei--'an electron, is an electron, is an electron.'

The same can be said of the Earth and Sky--we really don't know or can't clearly define where one starts and the other begins (there are Sky particles that penetrate deeply into the Earth and as mentioned previously, the Earth extends out into the Sky). And that's why 6:6 is making an analogy of tunneling through the Earth or putting a ladder to the Sky--on some very basic level, it is essentially the same thing.

As for those transportable hierarchical arrangements that scale walls --the ladders; or passages that go under or around obstructions--the tunnels; they are typicallly implemented by the people walking around. We would never know it--encapsulated, self-aware, interdimensional travellers--God-Created Organic Time Machines--Interdimensional Beings (Angels, Jinn, Humans)--UFO ETs. (Am I boring You?).
Pearls Before Swine, November 2, 2011, Los Angeles Times Comics

Sign 6:99 sets off by establishing that it is at God's behest that Ma' (water/rain) comes down/is sent/revealed from the Sky and in turn produces every living thing.
Sign 6:99 is about as close as we can get to understanding how God brings about Something from Nothing, the concept of ma' for water is directly accessible, we understand how life depends on it. Taken to mean Ma' for 'negative space' or 'missing mass' then is what we understand to be 'no thing' from which, according to 6:99, springs forth everything (a resource to jump start, renew, everything--what the Disciples were praying for in 5:112 and 5:114, see above). {Maybe those Rainmen were onto something afterall}.

'And He it is who has caused waters to come down from the sky; and by
this means have We brought forth all living growth, verdure, close-growing
grain, the spathe of the palm tree, dates in thick clusters; and gardens of
vines, and the olive tree, and the pomegranate--all alike, yet so
(6:99 paraphrased)

Sign 6:125 describes in some detail how it feels to ascend Skyward... وَمَن يُرِدْ أَن يُضِلَّهُ يَجْعَلْ صَدْرَهُ ضَيِّقًا حَرَجًا كَأَنَّمَا يَصَّعَّدُ فِي السَّمَاء كَذَلِكَ يَجْعَلُ اللّهُ الرِّجْسَ عَلَى الَّذِينَ لاَ يُؤْمِنُونَ ..'and whomever He allows to stray He makes his chest tight/narrow/constricted severely/critically as if he is ascending/rising into the sky...in this manner God works His outrage/manifests extreme moral degredation/squalor onto those who will not believe.

The narrowing/constriction/tightness one feels when the air gets thinner or the air pressure decreases at higher elevation describes the actual physical sensation of rising through the upper atmosphere, but is also an apt description of the discomfort one feels from the discontent/regret/problems that ensue from making bad choices (or asthma). These are the sensations one is made to feel when God Works or Makes Known His Displeasure toward any one of us, the word al.rijsa الرِّجْسَ means 'abomonations', severe moral depravity, disgrace, dislike, outrage, scandal, hatred, etc.

Those whose will is aligned with God's Will (aka the definition of Muslim) by contrast feel no such physical discomfort/limitation since it is said that God 'opens their breasts wide' (they willingly yield) to the acceptance of self-surrender to His Will. Simply stated, since they have a clear conscience they have no reason to feel uptight.

That the two cases are compared and contrasted in the same verse 6:125 indicates the following:

  • The Sky is 'built' in a manner to act as a physical barrier against those
    considered not aligned with God's Will in that they feel limited/constricted
    when attempting to ascend Skyward

  • Those meeting with God's Approval should be able to 'ascend' into the Sky
    (make the Ascension) without feeling a physical limitation/discomfort

  • There is no guarantee that some Big Bully won't get a hold of your Ride,
    keeping you from staying up in the Sky for any reasonable amount of Time

(He Says: "We Bulls Wobble But We Don't Fall Down!" I Say: "I seem to remember landing, not falling down." )

Which makes for the following story arc: The Sky is a 'Construct', Created by God, for the Sole Purpose of keeping the 'rifraff' out; in the same way a Wall acts as a defensive obstacle/barrier that requires a (portable) instrument of escalating steps/rungs/effective arguments to scale it, or, much like a tunnel functions to make a channel or passageway under or around such an obstruction.

Wanna See me jump to conclusions and forego the increasingly more effective arguments? Sign 8:11 that makes mention of the Sky was discussed in some detail in an earlier post 'O, Ewes Guys!'
The 19th Sign 8:32 wherein the Sky is mentioned is the guantlet thrown at the Prophet pbuh where the faithless say, ".. if this is the Truth from you make it Rain Stones from the Sky or show us that severe punishment."

'Just think what all that money$$ we've spent on 'not
getting anywhere but one way there' wars could have done to improve our own
country's infrastructure over the course of the last decade---we would
have conceivably Built Heaven on Earth--but, alas, that Table Is Not Set For
Me. Probably meant for some other lucky vixen who goes in for playing
Chutes-n-Ladders with her charges--but that's not my speed, either. Since We're not keeping any secrets, You Know, I've come to regret whatever good I ever did there...I regret having done what little good I attempted and wish I would have tried my hand at the more titillating stuff.'

Sign 7:40 Reiterates the fact that those who shun/reject Our Signs will not have access to Heaven (the gateways/passages/doors to heaven/the sky will not be open to them) until such a time as a Large Twisted Rope/or Camel can be made to pass through the Eye of the Needle (double entendre?).
Verse 7:96 meshes quite smoothly with the concepts about the Sky in Chapter 6. Simply stating that had the people accepted Our Signs and believed and 'reinforced' our Messages, "We would have opened for them Blessings from the Sky and Earth..." لَفَتَحْنَا عَلَيْهِم بَرَكَاتٍ مِّنَ السَّمَاء وَالأَرْضِ the word lafatahna can also mean 'make available' and not just simply 'open' like one would a door and 'barakatin' means 'blessings'.

In order for the explicit meaning of the word 'open' to make sense in conjunction with 'blessings' , the root of the word 'barakat' has to be scutinized.

Taking the root 'bara' gives the following connotations: noun (Arabic and Icelandic/Swedish): 1. floor 2. fold 3. layer 4. coat 5. ply 6. storey 7. story 8. flat 9. coating 10. deck 11. multiple 12. stair 13. pile 14. fall 15. lap; suffix: 1. -fold noun 1.fold 2. pleat 3. tuck 4. queue 5. destination 6. plait 7. plica 8. lappet 9. lap 10. wrap 11. recess 12. gather 13. flexure;
1. just 2. solely 3. merely 4. simply 5. nothing else 6. no more; conjunction 1. only

That the terms 'fold', 'layer', 'pleat', 'wrap', 'multiple', 'stair', 'story' are associated with the root of the word for 'blessings' is intriguing, in light of just such notions being the subject here at A Page In The Life including: 'Tay-al-Ard', space/time 'folds', the 'Multiverse,' wrapping and unwrapping curves, and the Mystical Math and Phunny Physics we find in the Quran.

The concepts alluded to in Sign 7:96 are all the more riveting considering that the root 'bara' also gives us: 'simply' , 'merely'.

Essentially, this indicates that transcending or traversing the physical barriers we perceive on Earth or in the Sky would have been fascilited for people and it would be akin to nothing more than 'climbing a stair or ladder,' or simply 'walking through a door,' to bridge the dimensions or distances; or merely be ’transported in telling a story,’ metaphorically speaking, is all that it would take for these barriers/obstacles to unfold like 'pleats' (umbrellas?).

But, because there is so much Injustice in the World, the only way those who seek the Final Solution from Their Lord, find it in the solace that those responsible for such Evil 'while they were alive' can never Ever be able to come anywhere near them or to harm them in any way ever again since these barriers have been so firmly set in the wrong-doers' own minds.

The rest of the commentary will be annotated as time permits, but there are some passages beyond the first 19 expounded on here that call for more detailed explanation, specifically those that include mentioning 'doors' along with the 'sky'. (i.e., 7:40:11; 7:96:11; 78:19:2 -- Only since You asked ...I've all but given up on the idea that You are ever going to make this right; I mean, I watched 'The Adjustment Bureau' last night and that scene when Damon walks through the office and everyone is frozen in spacetime because he arrived somewhere he didn't belong is how I shopped the groceries and ran errands all over town, for several days/weeks/months/years...but unlike Damon in that Movie I didn't need anybody to ask me to pretend like it never happened--like whatamI, Nuts?!)

07/07/2011 Notes:50:6 The Sky is described as having no furujin from فرجة crack crevice, interstice, gap, fissure ( specifically فرجه private parts, specifically the female genetalia/vulva/from the lat.' to turn, revolve, spiral, helix, wrap ; idiomtically, 'to turn over in the mind'; latin 'volvere,' earlier usage==womb)

51:7 describes the Sky is being made of weaving/knitted (paths/stories) some take the root of the word al.hubki as hoob==Love.
51:47 "We Built (the word bina as in 2:22 above) the Sky and We are (ever) expanding it biaydina," metaphorically means 'with our hands' but the real meaning of aydin== 1.support 2.favor 3.second 4.side 5.advocate 6.subscribe 7.uphold 8.stick up 9.plunk 10.validate 11.further 12.affirm 13.countenance 14.look with favor on 15.side with 16.stand up for 17.stand for 18.reason 19.go in for 20.sustain 21.underpin 22.stick up for 23.subserve 24.champion

55:7 God Raised the Sky and Set the Scale ('wada3 al-mizan' can mean anything from establishing the balance of Justice to actually affixing/situating Libra as a Constellation)

69:16 The Sky has properties wherein it can be 'compromised' like tearing
'And the Sky split and it is stretched/extended and weak/flimsy'

70:8 It may appear that things move slow or as if one reaches a limit 'A Day the Sky Becomes/Seems like 'the limit/end-of-the-line/slowed down' from the word 'almuhl' which means slowing down; classical interpretation 'molten alloy'; this actually may mean possibly breaking the speed of light limit, how else would everything seem to slow down?

71:11 He Reveals/Sends the Sky over you//to you outpouring, mudrarin==may mean a downpour, the root mdr means director/goes around/wheel, more at 6:6 above

72:8 The Jinn are talking and they say,
"Truly we (merely, gently, softly, momentarily touched) caressed the Sky and Found her full of Guards (Guardians)Severe (extreme/dense/stern/violent/vicious/tempestous/brusque/intense/terrible) and Meteoric (shooting stars, falling stars)" , which makes it sound like they encountered some difficulty getting through the asteroid belt

73:18 This characterizes something about the nature of how the Sky 'grows' or 'expands' or how those (jacked) UFOs get through-- "The Sky Breaks out rapidly (mushrooms); His Will Is Done." mf3oola==rt. 'f3l' 1.act 2.doing 3.performance; verb 1.do 2.make 3.activate 4.work w3d===1.promise 2.pledge 3.word 4.troth 5.plight; verb 1.engender 2.assure. Applying the Principle 'As Above, So Below' a wikipedia article on mushroom morphology pegs all of the buzzwords found in the Quran description of the Sky (including vulva, veil, mushroom, expand (rapidly), etc.) an excerpt follows:

A mushroom develops from a nodule, or pinhead, less than two millimeters in diameter, called a primordium, which is typically found on or near the surface of the substrate. It is formed within the mycelium, the mass of threadlike hyphae that make up the fungus. The primordium enlarges into a roundish structure of interwoven hyphae roughly resembling an egg, called a "button". The button has a cottony roll of mycelium, the universal veil, that surrounds the developing fruit body. As the egg expands, the universal veil ruptures and may remain as a
, or volva, at the base of the stalk, or as warts or volval patches
on the cap. Many mushrooms lack a universal veil and therefore do not have either a volva or volval patches. Often there is a second layer of tissue, the partial
, covering the bladelike gills that bear spores. As the cap expands, the veil
breaks, and remnants of the partial veil may remain as a ring, or annulus,
around the middle of the stalk or as fragments hanging from the margin of the
cap. The ring may be skirt-like as in some species of Amanita, collar-like as in many species of Lepiota, or merely the faint remnants of a cortina (a partial veil composed of filaments resembling a spiderweb), which is typical of the genus Cortinarius.
Mushrooms that lack a partial veil do not form an annulus. (more at Mushroom at wikipedia)

73:18 "If/When the Sky Furijat' (Spaced/ stretches/ root furj==vulva, fold, release) more at 50:6 ; فرجه private parts, specifically the female genetalia/vulva/from the lat. ' to turn, revolve, spiral, helix, wrap , '; idiomtically, 'to turn over in the mind'; latin. 'volvere' {This may be the difference between being 'born' and being 'borne'---for which I Sincerely Thank You for Your Generous Consideration. Since this establishes once and for all that We are Friends, may I now please get my (whispered) U.F.knOw what back?}

The following comments added September 19, 2011:

There is an association between the Sky and Space; and Space (i.e., 'no thing/djin/Ma', dark matter/energy or missing mass) is conceptualized as a 'fabric' that 'warps' by the presence of matter (heavy objects). Signs that incorporate similes between the Sky and 'fabric' include, but are not limited to 51:7; 77:9, and 91:5 in the Table above.

Just to refresh, fabrics are often manufactured by weaving threads or 'knitting' together strings or yarn to make cloth. Weaving and knitting are two methods that in effect produce a 2-D cloth from a 1-Dimensional 'strings' (these techniques serve as accessible similitudes to going from a lower dimensional object to a higher dimension).

In weaving, threads are always straight, running parallel either lengthwise (warp threads) or crosswise (weft threads). By contrast, yarn follows a meandering path (a course), forming symmetric loops (also called bights) above and below the mean path of the yarn in knits (like unfolded orbits). The looping enables ‘stretching’ in different directions and can give knits as much as 5 times more elasticity than woven fabrics—a way to accommodate a greater range of motion (read as movement into Higher Dimensions, more directions) , whereas woven garments stretch mainly along one direction (the bias) and are not very elastic (unless more stretchable thread/yarn is used in the weaving).

Weaving involves drawing the weft (or woof) yarns/threads through the warp. The warp (longitudinal threads) are held in tension lengthwise on a frame/loom to facilitate the interweaving of the weft threads, and the word warp derives from something like 'that which is thrown across'. (There are very interesting connotations to the the word for warp in Arabic which include; anchor, 'that which drags the composition', 'slimy silt deposit?', stamen, web, color, deface, harm, assasinate, distort, twist, torture, falsify, skew, etc. One synonym that stands out in particular is سداة في النسيج which literally means 'in the texture', in that it is associated strongly with Tesla: according to The Online Etymology Dictionary: Texture derives from early 15c., "network, structure," from M.Fr., from L. textura "web, texture, structure," from stem of texere "to weave," from PIE base *tek- "to make" (cf. Skt. taksati "he fashions, constructs," taksan "carpenter;" Avestan taša "ax, hatchet," thwaxš- "be busy;" O.Pers. taxš- "be active;" Gk. tekton "carpenter," tekhne "art;" O.C.S. tesla "ax, hatchet;" Lith. tasau "to carve;" O.Ir. tal "cooper's ax;" O.H.G. dahs, Ger. Dachs "badger," lit. "builder;" Hittite taksh- "to join, unite, build"). Meaning "structural character" is recorded from 1650s. )

The weft, or 'that which is woven,' are the threads/yarns which transverse (go through/slanting/crosswise/oblique/sloping to) the warp. (Interesting connotations to the word weft from the Arabic include; wobble, wiggle, love, drawing, branch, sway, weave, etc. and a synonym in Arabic for weft نسيج actually means texture, affording another interesting synchronous parallel between 'weaving', 'space/fabric' , 'stepping up/down in dimensions,' 'constructing the sky,' and TESLA.)

Knitting is a weaving technique which involves 'knots' (math; closed circular braid, i.e., series of circles that cross over & under each other's strands, same centers, no backtracks & no extra loops; braids described by braid components and how the ends are joined (finished/link))

Curvature becomes a factor in that the elasticity inherent in knits allows them to follow the body's curvature closely (not surprising, since the knit & purl stitches look like unfolded conic curves); whereas, curvature is introduced into most woven garments only with special seams sewn in such as darts, flares, gussets and gores (wovens start with rectilinear weft/warp threads, so that in order to introduce curvature they must be cut and resewn; the seams join or bind the edges of the fabric with thread by sewing; another way to bind loose threads is by knotting, which is the method used in knitting).

While the same types of seams can also lend extra elasticity to knits, curvature can be introduced into knit fabrics without seams by using short rows , or increasing or decreasing the number of stitches.

The basic stiches used in knitting are the knit stitch and the purl (often denoted by k and p, respectively, when described in stitch patterns). The purl is the obverse of the knit stitch; when the fabric is turned over to the back side the purl looks like the knit stitch and the knit stitch when viewed from the back looks like a purl.

When the number of knit and purl stitches are not the same, (ie, k <>p), the fabric tends to curl. One example is in the 'stockinette stitch' where a row of knit stiches is followed by a row of purl stiches, producing a smooth fabric (read surface) that on the front (knit side) has columns (or wales) which look like a series of V's and when the fabric (surface) is turned over (obverse) the pattern looks like Dashes, the top and bottom edges tend to curl in toward the knit side of the fabric (or the front side, where the stiches holding rows together, produce a V pattern, are all on the front) , and the left/right sides tend to roll/curl in toward the back side of the fabric (where the yarn/thread holding side-by-side stitches together is all on the back side) .

When the knit and purl stitches are symmetric the fabric lies flat.

(wales v steps/discontinuities)

A sequence of stitches in which each stitch is suspended from the next is called a wale.
Casting on is the method used to secure the initial stitches of a knitted fabric, the method used to secure the final stitches in a wale is called binding off.

Wales of purl stitches tend to recede, and knit stitches tend to come forward. Purl wales flanked by knit wales (such as in ribbing/vertical lines) tend to be invisible, since the neighboring knit wales come forward. The dual case, is that rows of purl stitches form an embossed ridge relative to a row of knit stitches. This forms the basis of shadow knitting, in which the appearance of a knitted fabric changes when viewed from different directions. (See also distortion, deliberate distortion, representing a 3 dimensional object in a 2-Dimensional realm (like painting) and the Golden Mean discussion at A Tree, An Apple, A Wineskin).

Knits are generally more bulky than woven fabrics since they tend to use heavier gauge yarns, finer gauge threads produce better drape. (I could say something about the shopping but wouldn't want to rub it in--I heard someone running out for more cash earlier this evening).

Having said this, with help from wikipedia.org and knittinghelp.com (I knit a wristlet!--dropped stiches, frayed yarn & all), we look to see what more Signs 51:7, 77:9, and 91:5 have to say about the Sky/Space Fabric.

وَالسَّمَاء ذَاتِ الْحُبُكِ 51:7

51:7 By the Sky Full of "al.hubuk.i"

وَإِذَا السَّمَاء فُرِجَتْ 77:9

77: 9 And if/when the Sky 'furjit'
{The idea here in 77:9 is that should the sky effectively 'slope' away from the horizontal, the word 'furjet' means to gap or get 'spaced' like separated by an interval of 'time' or 'matter' } --am I understanding You right?--No More Editing? so add no more?

وَالسَّمَاء وَمَا بَنَاهَا 91:5

91:5 By the Sky and Ma (Whatsoever) 'bana.ha' (Built it)

Starting with the last Sign mentioned first, (91:5) clearly intimates that the nature of the Sky is such that it is 'constructed or built' ('bana'.ha (Built It)), derived from the word 'bana' that includes not only the meaning that it is 'built' (ar. v build, structure, construct, make, put up, erect, rear, mason--some very closely associations with the etymology for Tesla), but also from considering the similar sounding/meaning Hindi word 'baana' which refers to the weft, and derives from another Hindi word "bun na" or "bunai" which means 'making with threads or strings', as is done in primitive weaving techniques (wikipedia.org).

And the exact nature of the Sky/Space and its ''construction" is reinforced in Sign 51:7, in that the Sky/Heaven/Space is rife with الْحُبُكِ (al. hubuki), the most rudimentary root for which is حب 'hhub' gives us 'love', 'passion', 'seed', 'to lose one's heart', 'to like' and 'to attach'. And from the latter verb form derives the greater root حبك hubuk, meaning, 'your love', 'knitting', 'crochet', and 'to weave.' (Ooh, look! Yet another opportunity to be obtuse!--What are You getting at?-- That I Love Tesla? Or perhaps that I get to be Madame deFarge from a Tale of Two Cities?).

And since the Sky described in 51:7 is said to be rife or full of 'weaving' the understanding is that it is made up of or comprises 'interwoven paths', (the word 'tthata' gives us 'some thing' or 'some one', so if it is something woven, it would be a 'thread/string' or a 'path', or any other logical construct, and if it is a 'someone' it pretty much says I am sooo out of luck...).



The problem, Dear, is that You think I don't see You.

It may seem like I am whining and pining for my Late Father, especially now that Father’s Day has come and gone (how dolorous), but what You may not realize is that my Father is not as Late as everyone has been led to believe.

It seems like only yesterday, well, okay, it was the Summer of 2010, when my Father (my Dad) popped into my place of business and pretended to be duly impressed with how little I‘ve managed to accomplish during my, at best, inconsequential stay on Earth.

He sauntered into the shop, looked around for nothing in particular and said, “Nice place you have here. I’d like to find a place just like this to live.”

Thinking he was admiring the interior design, I offered to do the same for him should he settle on a place.

“No,” He says, “I meant I like this one. Would you know how much they’re asking?”

“Well, Gee, I wasn’t aware that they were gonna sell it right out from under me!” I think to myself, but what I say is, “We are leasing the area upstairs if you’re interested, but for work since this is a commercial space; I don’t think you can actually live here.”

He looks to his right, and clearly says aloud, “I Know she’s my daughter.”

At which point I think to myself, O, Gee, this must be my Dad, given his propensity to speak into the air where no one else is visibly standing around listening; there is no mistaking that genetic defect!”
I give him a careful once over, and think, “He does look familiar, but nothing like the fella I kissed goodbye as he lay cold and blue-tinged in his coffin back in ’94.”
Yet, His keen insight makes me think, “Well, I guess there’s no fooling You, Dad, given how I stacked on the pounds, and the swelling in my face and extremities turned me into a nicer smelling, non-drooling, version of Jabba-the-Hutt--I still couldn't fool you, could I?”

I actually became very self-conscious about my physical appearance at that point and tried to make imperceptible minor adjustments to my clothing to make sure, at the very least, that I was presentable; not because I was trying to impress him, but because I was disappointed for myself and didn't want it to be so obvious.

He kept chatting away about this and that and I tried to keep up with the conversation, all the while thinking, “Okay, while I’m not really sure how or why You’re here, and because what’s Yours is Mine anyway, say and do whatever You will, but please not another math problem out of You!” (About the only place I was ever allowed to make a mistake)
And, when He decided the conversation wound down to a satisfactory conclusion, He said his good-byes and promised to be back again.

“Hmmm, where have I heard promises like that before?” I wonder.

Since that last surprise inspection tour, I make more of an effort to look presentable throughout the day whenever I’m out and about. The kids don't mind my looking frumpled every so often, as long as I keep breathing, but if Dad catches me looking out of sorts, that usually spells disaster

My Late Father's name, (Gramps or GDad, to You) is Abraham, and he spelled it true to his heritage, Ibrahim, (roughly translated Free-Them or Their Freedom)--quite the activist in his youth, and the story often told in Sunday School is about Abraham Smashing the Idols, which often brings this type of imagery to mind:

21 Al-Anbiya (The Prophets)وَتَاللَّهِ لَأَكِيدَنَّ أَصْنَامَكُم بَعْدَ أَن تُوَلُّوا مُدْبِرِينَ 21:57
21:57 (Abraham said) "And, By God! I will Certainly/Surely/Ablate? your idols/fixations/images/copies/icons/Signs while your backs are turned (while you are unaware)!"

You can quote me on that, Sign 21:57, since I am afterall my father's daughter. If the conexion is not immediately obvious, the breakdown follows:
The word for idols is أَصْنَامَ which includes all the associated meanings: icons/statues/false gods/signs, etc. ;and Abe, in his own honest way, says he'll "make certain/sure" (لَأَكِيدَ, 'la-akeeda' ) of them while the pagans are not watching.
On the face of it this sounds like a safe bet to have them entrusted to Abe's care, because that's the part the idolators want to believe; that Abe feels the same way about the false gods (idols) they love and will 'take care' of them accordingly.

It is in the very next Sign 21:58 that we, the reader, see what Abe meant by 'take care' or 'make certain' of the idols/images/signs/icons/statues/false gods (which he apparently was not too fond of). Sign 21:58 starts off by stating that he 'ablated them' فَجَعَلَهُمْ جُذَاذًا ('faja3alahum jathethen'); the root for jathethen is 'jthe' جُذَ (the letters j + the). The linguistic manuever speaks to Abe's honesty as well as his eloquence, since that little (2-letter) word includes all of the meanings tabulated below (and then some):

Given how Abe took care of the things he found so irksome, including everything from defacing the statues, to whitewashing, to pouring acid on them, and whatever he saw fit to do to work this thing out of his system, must have called for a great deal of effort on his part; physical force, stress, intellect---he must have called on all of his resources to accomplish this task in the few hours he thought no one else was looking.

And now, I am expected to do the very same thing my Father did without breaking a sweat or getting a hair out of place. Calls for some assistance...eh?

The brute force tactics would have involved ablation as it pertains to physical destruction, like sandblasting, abrasion, and filing them down, that don't necessarily have to have a negative outcome since these same processes can be used to polish, scrub, and refine the idols, too, which was his duty to his father, the idol maker, to look after what his father produced as his means of livelihood; the weathering process related to ablation would have taken a bit longer since it would involve wear and tear, erosion, and general attrition due to the ravages of time, and since Abe is not a slave to time, he probably had enough time to see all this get done, too; the utterly destructive connotation to ablation is 'conflagration' which would have been a rather intense fire, but as we know, fire is also a way to purify something, like when smelting metals. So, in reality, since Abe did the brunt of the work in accomplishing this task, there is no need to have to cover the same territory my father did when dealing with false objects that call for my attention.

The more accessible methods to me would be those that involve usage/consumption including expenditure in time, money, effort, ingestion (or in my special case, indigestion, and I've covered that thoroughly), an asynchronous phase in an electromagnetic field (I was able to verify that my EEG slowed in some areas, including the beta and theta bands, and were indeed out of synch with 'normal' (everyone else's)); the leakage aspect (yes, that too) has to do with publishing this blog, which based on my own children not being able to find it, shows that it has some information that gets stymied in an attempt to keep the information from getting out. But the one aspect of living up to my father's name (expectations) is ablatation as it pertains to 'abstraction' in that 'breaking the Signs' it led (at least me, anyway) to develop some new concepts. {If anyone else deigns to claim any part in my turning an abysmally tragic event into this kind of positive, they should reconsider. Since as part of my conversation with my Dad, He actually gave me some sound advise. He said, "You know, there is a way to negotiate with terrorists. You basically say, 'Either I get it All, or you get Nothing!"}.

{It's about an hour after I jotted down that last sentence and then You Know What You Did!
I take it You didn't like what I was wearing?--sheesh!}

And while Abe waited 'til everyone else's backs were turned to have at it, my personal take on the familial duty was to do it while they were watching (right under their noses)--thinking, well, if the job description called for diplomacy, Ms. Shirley Temple or Audrey Hepburn would have been the more suitable candidates, or at the very least, a better poker player.

Figuring that chances are the messenger never makes it out alive, what have I to lose if I was already handed my own death sentence ?(I still wish it didn't have to hurt so much). So, the conclusion was that going out with a little flourish would intrigue the kids (seeing the affect the 'love story' angle had on them, the levity from this counter approach seemed a tad more apropos).



It's a good thing I count slow-- gives me time to work out what the problem is; in this case it is that anything/anyone coming across this site thinks any of this is about them--well, there is more to this World than Them. Okay?

See, some people don't give a ratsass about others because they are bitter that they have to consume the least inspired cuisine on Earth with the most restrictions, not because anyone is punishing them but because Jacob was a finicky eater and apparently had some food allergies, to boot, so they don't much care about others who consume tastier food since what can be the worst thing God can do to them besides make them eat Gfilte fish?

Then there is them who feel they sin so beyond redemption that God will wipe out everything and everyone on Earth since others can't be doing any better than they are, especially if they finally see the light and repent and are SAVED because then they will get air-lifted off the face of the Earth before God comes down really hard on them thar sinners. Not stopping to consider God has no reason to ever reproach most Buddhists living on the Earth because they seem to do pretty well with just applying the Golden Rule, and they are good for the Earth; on average don't run amok against each other, and seem to do really well in school; so, why should they be wiped out if they don't have the same guilt complex as them 'we-gonna-be-air-lifted-out-of-here-everytime-we-miscall-the-end-of-the-world'?
Then there is the regular garden variety them 'holier-than-thou-'cause-i-can't-read-a-word-of-scripture-but-i-follow-the-fella-with-the-rattiest-beard'; who for the most part just wing it, or shout it, shoot it, or blow it up to make a point about something nobody else much cares about because they're all having trouble making ends meet or taking their accounts off-shore.

So, My Dear Michael, on 3 you will pick your target(s) knowing how I feel about above ground power lines and faulty infrastructure. I would just aim for the nodes and not over think this thing; don't worry if you hit me, because it ain't like I ain't been burned before. It's set up so that even a misfire will hit an intended target, and activate. That's a Kammand. 3!
{What do I need Mikey for? Well, for the simple reason that I am Dead, and You never thought I would have so much fun at it! I know that my actions have no effect in that world I so gladly departed, I couldn't even get my kids to observe their curfew; but having died very effectively and somehow having my kids join me, I have no heirs left behind and that's why I have an Executor! So, Bro, Execute--I'm not kidding; I mean really, if I'm not here to rearrange the furniture, or the scenery, then what? I know it's not my cooking or fine fashion sense that has Him keeping around--yeah, I got lots of compliments on my shoes lately, but it ain't like I don't know You paid those guys to say as much! I mean really--young men who look like commandos admiring my granny purple shoes! How much did You have to pay them for that exactly?

What gave it away?
Well, the first one was a really buff 30-something black guy that just happened to notice my shoes while I was waiting to cross the street. Not only does he admire my shoes as he finishes up calling in his exact location when he approaches me, but it's like shoes are the last thing a man like that would ever notice on a woman--any hot rocker chick would consider him a conquest. And he really plays up the part, he asks for my number and then when I tell him my kid is dating someone his age, he offers me dinner-- a drink--anything? And I'm like what would I do with a guy like you if I took them home?--pull out the measuring cups, pre-heat the oven and teach them how to bake cookies? Let's try to 'keep it real' fellas.

And then not 3 days later, some other guys are like illegally parked at my place of business and after sitting in their car for over an hour jamming my internet, tapping my phone line, or calling in an air strike, I step out to see if they need assistance, since clearly the on-site parking is for clients only. Then this giant of a man sitting in the car with his buddy thank me for my concern, but they are really just waiting for a friend who went across the street for something and they are from out of town and they won't be long.

Fine, since they are out-of-towners, I let them know that they can park in the mall parking lot all day for like a dollar across the street, but the big guy says he'd rather valet his car. Like that makes as much sense to me as being an out of towner with Nevada plates; I thought Nevadans were desert-commuting Angelenos.

So, I let them wait for their friend to return with the caveat that they not leave their car unattended, since the boss gets a great deal of pleasure in having such vehicles towed away. They thank me for the courtesy and as I get back to work, the big guy says, "Nice shoes!" and I'm like, "Someone must have PAID you to say that!" He doesn't deny it, just adds, "Yeah, but I do like'em."

...no use, I can't piece together the story after getting kicked out of the Mosque...maybe it was a bit too ambitious--my having gone back to '84...maybe if I recount something later, like around '98, '99, or 2000.

Maybe it will finally help answer Your question, "What! Are you Clueless? Stupid? Menopausal?"

My answer, "It's not like I'm deliberately not trying to be Obtuse, just to keep up pretenses!"

In retrospect, it's really hard to believe the stories, not because they are some kind of embroidered fish tales, or flights of fancy, but because the events were so marginally extraordinary that it was easier to rationalize them into some type of mundane happenstance than to have to see them for how surreal or truly removed from Reality they really were.

I think it was sometime around 1999, not any later than 2000, when I was asked to audit a meeting related to work at Point Mugu (according to my records, it was Tuesday, December 10, 1996). Good luck finding the video, meeting minutes, or video log on that one, but I was not the only one there and it couldn't have been a more conventional work-related activity.

Working for a regulatory agency, go sit in on a meeting, take some notes, fill out a mileage expense report, and write a summary. Inconvenient in that I would have to log over 70 miles on my vehicle or commute an extra 60 miles to pick up a company car to avoid having to do that, fight the traffic, and try not to toss my cookies should I cave in to a chronic illness that my doctors were trying to convince me was due to stress, or allergies, or a misguided need for attention.

It was a particularly grey day as I headed out from home directly to the base before sunrise to allow time for the commute and not be late for that morning's meeting. I got past the security gate, found the building where I was told to check in, parked, got out of the car, put on my jacket, tried not to look like I was just released from a 3 week hold in the psych ward for complaining of a massive 3-year headache and pain in my shins that felt like they imploded which made me turn into a screaming mimi around my kids. The burning sensation in my skin and funny audio-visual effects were like minor inconveniences compared to the sudden projectile vomiting and pain in my chest that felt like a heart attack but was not a heart attack, they tried to convince me it was something I ate.

I remember thinking I needed to wear a jacket over the skirt I had on, not only to look more professional and pulled-together, but because I had recently lost about 20% of my body weight and my skirt wasn't fitting right. A jacket can hide a lot of flaws and when you're sitting down, all anyone else sees is the neatly tailored jacket (if you remember not to slouch).

As the majority of meeting attendees gathered in the reception area, a polite man in uniform walked us into the conference room, I think he gave us a little run down of what they were doing that morning, and we may have stepped into one of the control rooms on the way, but I'm not so clear on that. I know he mentioned something about some testing they were doing over one of the Channel Islands.

I was more than happy to quietly find my way to a seat around the conference table and just get off my feet once the little tour was over. I knew some of the people in attendance; some of them I had lengthy telephone discussions with in the past, others I had actually met over the course of my work on this particular issue. They probably thought I was standoffish or ill that day, but all I was doing was trying to get through what promised to be a long meeting followed by a long drive home.

The meeting didn't get underway once we all settled in, apparently someone was running late. The door to the conference room was left open in anticipation of the one to get this thing started. A man was standing by the door, a further clue that there was someone else expected to join us.

After a minute or two, an officer comes through the door. I guess he was an officer; he had stuff on his shoulders (not bird droppings), thingamajigs on his lapels (not breakfast) and more stuff on his breast pocket (not from a leaky pen)--the decorations were how his important stature gets communicated in some unspoken language to let everyone else know he can operate equipment the rest of us couldn't, or that he can press a very important button the rest of us shouldn't.

His fashionable lateness and overall deportment led me to think he must be an important fixture at the base, probably one of the people who get to use the $3,000 toilets or the super-high-tech urinals--the digital ones that sing or light up when they sense moisture--or whatever is the selling point for top-gun urinals-- I don't use them so I'm not well-informed on that subject.

I remember looking up when he arrived because I heard him speaking and not because I was watching the door. I guess that was the intention, arriving fashionably late to make an entrance, and he leans in a little to the man awaiting his arrival and says, "Do you know who that is?"

The fella, thinking he was motioning at me since I was not a regular attendee to the meeting says, "Someone the agency sent over to audit the meeting."

And without missing a beat, the late-comer says, "That's my Wife!"

On hearing this, I turn to the woman sitting nearby that I know to be a contractor charged with writing a formal report on the subject of the meeting and wonder how she and her company got past the nepotism clause on this one; if she is married to the top brass and writing a report that is clearly supposed to make recommendations that would be a conflict of interest with the operations at the base. A report that the contractor gets paid twice my annual income to write based on findings my agency generates and are in the public domain; basically free for the asking--which is how I knew her, she asked me and I gave her the information for free.

In retrospect, I now know that he was not referring to her, and over a decade later, I get why the term 'the WIFE' is so offensive to me. It conjures up images of the Wired Integrated Female Electroencephalograph (aka Karen Plankton, first television appearance July 1999 episode of Spongebob Squarepants). She can be wall mounted, or mobile, and she has a nag-chip installed along with a Chicago accent. Can't get much more offensive than that--if that doesn't make you want to push that button, Michael, I don't know what will.

Maybe this--the fact that I have been forced into performing all of the duties of a wife, without having any of the privileges such a station entails. Some say they can't live in a world without Love, the very ones who turn around and make like they don't believe there is a God, or in extreme cases think that they are God.

I never believed that. Just take a gander at this blog. I actually am not intending to prove the existence of God for my own edification, since clearly I can articulate the concept to those reading here that I've known there is One all along.

I wanted to prove it to them, because when they whisper to each other how 'weird' it is, or marvel at how I can 'rationalize' what happened to me, I can demonstrate what I have known all along, and believed all along--unequivocally-- that there is A Final Justice, An Ultimate Truth, by virtue of the fact that there is only ONE Outside Observer--God.

That's why where there is essentially a Multitude of possible Outcomes (The Multiverse); we all experience just one Reality (a common history)---that one which is His Singular Point of View (Viewing Plane). The only one that is the Absolute Truth (where all the divergence is ablated, parallel lines converge, the Node, The Zero Point Field--watchmacallit, I know You get Me).