When You're A Zero

There is no zero in the first 31 digits of Pi !

Shake it like a ladder to the Sun
Makes me feel like a madman on the run
Find me, never, never far gone
So get your leather, leather, leather on, on, on, on

You're a Zero....
What's your name? 
No one's gonna ask you
Better find out where they want you to go
Try and hit the spot, get to know it in the dark
Get to know it whether you're crying, crying, crying, oh, oh
Can you climb, climb, climb higher? --Song lyrics Zero--Yeah Yeah Yeahs 

Some undefined while back some unidentified One, asked what the Zero song lyrics mean.
Apparently 'You're a Zero' is meaningless to all those Ones out there.

The human  body is essentially an organic electrochemical system. 

And as such it would be expected to have, and as it turns out, does have an electromagnetic resonance frequency.

For the Human brain, brain waves range according to the following frequencies:

Alpha wave-- (8-12 Hz)
Delta wave – (0.1–4 Hz)
Theta wave – (4–7 Hz)
Mu wave – (8–13 Hz)
Beta wave – (12–30 Hz)
Gamma wave – (25–100 Hz)

And it is speculated that in other parts of the body they range as follow:

Spinal Column --(10-12 Hz)
Chest Wall-- (50-100 Hz)
Feet (Standing with knees flexed vs. Rigid posture)-- (2 -20 Hz)

So, conceivably, an articulating Human antenna (that's why all the antenna jokes).

And if some brilliant Entity wanted to mess with the natural order of things and Enhance the Human (for lack of a better description), these frequency ranges may be modified to achieve unexpected or by God's Will Miraculous Outcomes.

It is commonly known that the Sky has a natural frequency and in counterpoint so does the Earth, by way of a geomagnetic frequency radiation.

A person walking around with their feet on the ground and their head in air (especially, the Sky) is making contact with both the Sky and the Earth. And generally, it is not of any great consequence and taken for granted that they can walk around, eating, playing, working, and at the end of a day, sleeping.

That is until they 'short circuit' due to some clever manipulation, or frequency matching, or 'enhancement' that would tune the body's natural frequencies to effectively 'connect' or 'resonate' with the Sky-to-Earth open circuit.

In essence, Zero out, that individual and their once-taken-for-granted oblivious erstwhile life.

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