Coma Therapy

Sleep that knits up the ravell'd sleeve of care...
William Shakespeare

Has anyone tried Coma therapy for Jani?--a 6 year old schizophrenic with psychosis so severe that massive doses of '(antipsychotic) medications seem to skip over her'.
If you can't part with her for a while try it in three-day increments.

Her Cats and Rats are probably how this 6 year old is communicating that she is having difficulty reconciling her high intelligence with her sensual (sense-u-all) side. It would be unkind to continue with adult medications that are probably doing more harm than good and certainly stay away from stuff like electro-shock therapy, that would be just plain cruel and stupid.

And we all know that you can't fix stupid.

If her psychosis is as severe as described in the Los Angeles Times article Jani's At The Mercy Of Her Mind, her 'brain' is probably racing along faster than the speed of light and can only stand to benefit from a restful induced sleep and welcome holiday from the drug interactions that are probably ravaging her developing mind.
PS Suggested reading for Jani when she 'wakes up,' Keneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows.

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