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The following account may appear to be just another unsolved UFO story but to those following this blog's content closely we know it calls for practical application of phunny physics and mystical math.

Source: La Razon (newspaper); Joseph Trainor produced the following bulletin for UFO ROUNDUP

In August 1962, the newspaper La Razon of Buenos Aires ran an astounding story. An OVNI (Spanish acronym for UFO) had landed at the airfield in Camba Punat, in the province of Corrientes.

According to La Razon, airport manager Luis Harvey was warned by his radar operators that an unannounced airplane was about to land. Running out on the runway, Harvey saw "a luminous object" circling the runway at high speed. Suddenly, the object came down and hovered four feet off the asphalt. Harvey and a dozen other witnesses described it as "a completely spherical body that hovered, spinning on its axis, a few feet above the runway." All the while, the UFO
emitted blinding green, orange and blue lights."

As Harvey and his crew approached the UFO, it soared upward and "vanished at staggering speed."

This, however, was only a warm-up to the big event...

On December 20, 1962, at approximately 2:15 a.m., radar operator Jose Besutti was staring at his scope in the Flight Control Tower at Ezeiza International Airport, just west of Buenos Aires. Suddenly, he saw an unidentified blip and contacted airport manager Horacio Alora. As the tower crew watched, the UFO landed right smack dab on Ezeiza's main runway.

Grabbing a pair of binoculars, Alora spotted a silvery disc-shaped UFO sitting on the runway 2,000 meters (600 yards) from the tower. An "hombrecito" (little man) climbed out and walked around on the asphalt as if it were a road. The UFO had flashing red and white lights.

Just then, the tower radio squawked, "This is Pan-Am 609 Heavy, nonstop jet service from Rio de Janeiro, coming in on final approach."

"Madre de Dios!" Alora shouted, "Tell him not to land."

As one operator raced to the radio, the tower crew heard another transmission from the four-engined Pan American DC-8. "Ezeiza Tower, this is PanAm 609 Heavy. Just passing the outer marker."

Grabbing the microphone himself, Alora shouted, "PanAm, go around! Repeat, go around! Do not attempt to land."

"Passing the inner marker," the pilot said, "Jesus H. Christ! Who left that truck on the runway!?"

"That's no truck!" Alora shouted, "It's a flying saucer!"

Besutti and the others opened the tower windows and began yelling at the UFO occupant (or the clueless truck driver, emphasis mine). "Get out of there! Hurry!"

The occupant simply stood there. Just then, the big jetliner dropped out of the overcast, lights on and engines whining--startled by the sight of the DC-8 descending toward him, the occupant dashed back to the UFO. A hatch popped open in the bottom hemisphere, and he dove through it.

Suddenly, the UFO began glowing. As the DC-8 touched down, it rose to a height of 600 meters (1,980 feet) and then zoomed eastward toward Uruguay "at a vertiginous (dizzying) speed." Five seconds later, the DC-8 on its rollout rushed right over the spot where the UFO occupant had been standing.

Here it is in pictures:

Here it is in other words:

About 2 am on December 20 1962, Fred has a brain (brane) fart and decides to get out of his light duty vehicle and check his engine right in the middle of runway 11-29. There is a DC-8 approaching with so many souls on board and no way to convince the tower crew that they have all fallen asleep and are all having the same bad dream, so it came to pass that a window into another dimension opened up to allow Fred time to clear the runway before his poor judgement ruins Christmas for everyone involved.

For homework: Determine the true location of this alternate dimension and actual "vertiginous" land speed Fred was able to "fly" east toward Uruguay.


Blue Ball Orange Ball

I searched my correspondence file and found this from Alan Bennett ( I think the blue ball at the gas station has generated enough excitement that this information seems timely.

I copied this so as not to have to rewrite it.


I am writing from Port Aransas, Texas. PA is at the mouth of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel and the Gulf Intracoastal waterway. These days I am the concessions manager on a 70 ft. catamaran fishing boat. We take tourists fishing to 40 plus miles offshore.

Since you asked, I will tell you about what I now call " Orange Ball Day ".

On or about November 20, 1975, I was captain on an 80 ft. crew boat, " The Wilderness ", working out of Port O'Connor, Texas. About 10:30 PM we were returning from a run out to Mallard 33, a shallowwater jack up rig about 3 miles offshore and 20 miles on the Galveston side of the Matagorda Ship Channel, the entry point from the Gulf into Port O'Connor.

It had been an uneventful trip with minimal winds and seas. We were gliding along at 22 knots and I was simply watching to make sure we weren't going to collide with anything.

My engineer was asleep in a cot behind the helm and my deckhand asleep in his cot below in the galley.

I happened to look to my starboard. Already there right out my starboard window was a dimly glowing orange sphere about fifteen times the diameter of the full moon. It pulsated in brightening and dimming in an irregular pulsation. Its appearance was as though you had reached into a barbeque pit at night with a pair of tongs and brought out a briquet and watched the color changes that occured as the air blew over it. And it was cruising alongside of us at our speed.

I can assure you I had never in my life seen anything like that. I decided that the way to make sure I was not hallucinating was to wake my engineer, so I turned around and reached over and shook him: " Hey, Moose... look at this!! "

As soon as he opened his eyes he was looking at it... and he came flying up out of a dead sleep and stood there looking at it, and I had my answer... it was really out there.

Both of us remained silent for the next few minutes. It was me who spoke first, even as we both continued to watch this sphere. " I'm going to throw my light on it and see what happens".

I set the Azimuth on the my spotlight and swung it around sideways so that when I turned the spot on it would illuminate the sphere. My intent was to flip the light on-off-on-off a few times
as if to say " We see you. Now what? "

I flipped on the switch...the spotlight ray went right to the sphere and it simultaneuously, and instantaneously, vanished right before our eyes. This is something maybe 100 feet across.

I grabbed the throttles and stopped the boat dead in the water. We both went outside and scanned the night sky but the object was gone and it did not return. ( Visually, at least ).

Not caring to bore you with further details, I will point out that mathematics and geometry started issuing from my brain a few days later. I took the view then as I do now that this encounter had something to do with that, so I began a long process of trial and error which resulted in the things you have seen on this site.

I invite you, xxxxx, to take your time and review the elucidations planet by planet. I now know they were considered enlightenment itself in several cultures. I personally especially like the
drawing " Mercury, Venus, Earth, the Tai Chi and the Decimal System. " The positions along the NS axis representing the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the Earth are faithfully to correct scale and the distances between each pair are different along that line.

Sun-Mercury distance= 1.0000000000
Mercury-Venus distance= .866025404
Venus-Earth distance=.7172803076

But look what happens when you swing them with a compass to the circumference of a circle with a radius of (orbital distance Venus) to the .75 power. They form seven of the decimal divisions of that circle, taking up equal divisions along the circumference.

If this Earth follows a cosmic star law (and it does) and if it is infinite in number because of this (and it is) then you and I have been here forever and will be, forever. And this is enlightenment.

Thank you again. I look forward to hearing from you again.

My best to you,
Alan Bennett
a 65 year old sailor at Port Aransas, Texas