The Big Idea

What's the Big Idea?!That's 5,6,7,8... too many times I tried to complete this paragraph about curvature and hyperbolic geometry only to have it get wiped out each time I Saved it or Posted it!

Tell You What...You can keep Your Low-Rank-O's Dumdressands and BoppingCrosses, have Your self-appointed and self-annointed MonkeyNutBrains MDsense sit ize their own kith and kin and themselves too while they're at it.

I don't particularly have any trouble distinguishing when I am on the Flat or in the Saddle and if they do---then, good, that's Exactly how it was Designed to Work.

Now quit messing with my Duckie post and wiping out the curvature paragraph pertaining to hyperbolic geometry on the Cosmic Scale...because that's how big the Truth can Get...BeYOnd Hyperbole!QQQ

Go Desensitize This Symptoms of chemical burns depend on the causing agent. However, most of them are characterized by a superficial or profound destruction of the tissue and a sensation of intense heat or pain. Some tissues are more vulnerable than others -- for example, even mildly corrosive substances can cause damage to one's eyes while not causing anything but discomfort on the hands.
If the injury occurs internally, it can also be associated with poisoning, which renders these type of burns more difficult to treat.

And by All Accounts others complaining of much milder symptoms due to the exposure were relocated. But, they all kept me returning to the same location--blithely explaining away any abnormal sign and symptom to me as a 'false positive' or 'false negative,' (All the while thinking, 'We've seen this sort of thing before; we convince our medical specimen it is all in her head and to make amends, somewhere down the line, someone will volunteer to have a pity-party for her (aka marry her) and take care of her because they can never own the mess they've made of Her life or make reparations any other way without letting the proverbial cat out of the bag; like by allowing this kind of criminal activity to actually be adjudicated in a court of law. As if! Never once stopping to think they picked the wrong specimen, believing there were no other 'witnesses,' since they could not see Him. The old we can't see Him, therefore, He must not Exist! Or, that a simple websearch doesn't turn up that this sort of thing has gone down Just As Viciously in the past (similar case in Louisiana 1996)? Yeah, it may have started out as an accident but that 'coctail' they injected her with at Harbor UCLA was malicious and planned--Ugh!)

...and everybody else ... pretended I was the only one complaining of some 'fictitious' sic-building-syndrome... (Science Hertz, but the Grammar Nazi is not supposed to make out worse than Hilter and PolPot combined...Right: Bizarro Comics January 4, 2011)...that's why I don't subscribe to their Morality (Do Unto others until you're done with them) or Your Physics (For every action there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction; in other words, Good deeds yield Bad results).

...That's why I don't want to be a Rock Star or a Wonder Tsar--Reinventing Physics Is Where I R.

If any of this is making me sound like my great grandmother 7 generations back, giving a shout out across the space-time continuum might have attenuated the message, only adding to the confusion.

If there was any French in Her, what She said was, 'Fou toi!' (sounds like fu.twa!)

Non Sequitur August 24, 2012
'The Laws of Physics Shall Be Strictly Enforced'
Not to be mistaken for the similar sounding Advisory Opinion, 'Fatweh!' issued by My Late Father's great grandfather 7 generations back--that would make Him Jed-Jed-Jedi--and what He said was, 'فتوى!'
At any rate, it's a moot point whether He said, 'This is my opinion!' or, She said, 'You crazy!'
Because in the Final Analysis according to forget me, aka منسي sounds like 'mansee', it's "Like saying Peace be upon you!"
('zaii call it salaamu 3alykum!' )
زي قوله سلام عليكم

'A fashionable way to say ;-Peace Be Upon You'!'

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