Humorism Not Lost On Me

Too rich to believe! Someone actually surfed into this site today (25 Jan 2011) with the following search string:

"What is symmetry in a ewe called? "

By way of the state of nebraska / office of the cio isp.


You mean to tell me that I have to amp up my 'act normal, and pretend I'm clueless' routine even more than I've been doing?

Well, okay, then!

If symmetry in a Starfish is Pentamerism, then symmetry in a Ewe is 'Ewemerism' --(Ewemor me, someone else started this)...

Considering Blake's Auguries of Innocence concludes that God '...does a human form display To those who dwell in realms of day,' I can see why some may be misled into thinking that God does ever assume the guise of a mere Human, walking around like the rest of us, having the need to make an urgent pit stop along Route 66.

But, this misconception may be why so many people fail the acid test when it comes to recognizing what God Is. God Is Creator, Not The Creation.

This is quite a big step away from the Hindu concept of Maya and the Antithesis to Euhemerism, the Greco-Roman concept of Mythic Gods having evolved from 'especially gifted' humans.

While nothing can prevent God from 'presenting as human' chances are He/She/It is disinclined to ever do such a thing. A simple thought excercise illustrates why this would be the case; it would go something like me becoming a goldfish just so I can relate better to my pet Fred, who swims about contentedly in his mucky fishbowl, no matter how often I clean it.

Assuming I was All-Powerful And Could Do It, Would I Ever Want To?

More than likely, the answer is, Most Certainly Not! I can relate very well to my goldfish Fred by feeding him and maintaining his environment to at least where he can see through the mucky water once in a while, because there is no way to keep Fred from mucking about in his fishbowl since Fred has a tendency to doodle where he eats.

And for this reason, more than any other, God May Never Actually Present As Human no matter the circumstance--that's why Angels were Created before Humans, to ensure an Agency Existed by which to Relate to the Creation without Sinking So Low.

While I don't pretend to know the Mind of God, this would be the Better, and more Elegant, Sacrosanct Solution--to Delegate the Dirty Deed rather than to actually Get One's (Proverbial) Hands 'Dirty'. It would also be the More Merciful Method since if God ever has to Step In everything happens Instaneously and what fun is there if we are all Dead In An Instant?

And the flip side to this argument is that while it is in every Human's interest to evolve or aspire to have the Penultimate Qualities and Attributes of The God (Our Maker), we humans can never actually be God because it is never the case that a human can forego having had a beginning and an end. No Human can run for the Office since none of us can ever claim The Fundamental Prerequisite to Being God--Being Eternal, Without Beginning or End.

So, even if we Die = Reach the End, and are Resurrected= a Promise from The One God, it would be rather Arrogant to think, 'Well, now we are God or God in the Flesh.' Or, have any such claim to Godhood, since we can still remember having had a Mother and a Father (some Beginning) and that we had met our End!

See, Eternal means For All Time, not From Some Point Forward.

That's why Jesus was not confused about being anything other than Mariam's Son, (Peace Be Upon Them). And it is so wrong to say Jesus ever laid any claim to being God or God's 'kinsman' or 'son', since God Creates--it is the Creation that Procreates. A little introspection will show that Jesus may have been motivated by less than virtuous Humility from such self aggrandizement as proclaiming himself God In the Flesh, since why would Anyone want to take credit for Having Created This Mess?

Can you imagine Resurrecting in the midst of a community where you are taught so many wrong ideas about God, the Resurrection, Angels, Prophets, Satan, and God Knows whatever else?

It would be confusing to say the least, waking up the next morning, and you may even hear some people standing in line behind you at your local coffee shop asking each other, 'How can she rationalize this?'

I heard that, and while I felt sorry for whoever she was they were talking about, I am eternally grateful that You saw to it the only thing I would feel the need to rationalize under such circumstances would be, 'How did this restaurant get here, and what kind of Chinese restaurant doesn't have chopsticks?!'

Well, Michael? You have some explaining to do! I'm waaittiing...

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