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The post as it appears at WAPO comment to the article Finding God on the Internet; and I think this is as close as anything I am ever going to get to a love letter.

'Before I begin; It is important to mention Her Honorable Eunice [Kennedy] Shriver [pbuh] who was like Indias "Mother Terresa" [pbuh], but helped countles 'Disadvantaged' Kids and was an upholder, like her Late Prez & Brother Honorable Mr. J.F.K. [pbuh], whom besides encouraging "Good Physical Hygiene" & "Olymipcs" in all the Lands Schools etc.. was a great Promotor of the Virtual INTERNET [Zero Holy].
When it Comes to "Satsag" (Congregating/Meeting) that each of Us are an Priest or Priestest. Is to say that by Communicating With All Yo All on WAPO, here, is like a 'Sat-Sag' of its own; or lets say Meeting Of the Mind; DIGiTALLY [0's & 1's, bits & bites, Mega, Gida, Tetra..]!
Yes, Thank The "CYBER G-D's" & the "Cyber Massiah's" (Founders) for Bringing Or Opportunitizing, The GLOBAL-COMMUNITY to Interface Rhiteously as one Big Giant "HARD-DRIVE"!.
Note: I Made my own Little Personal Fortune (not like the big time 'Dot Com' opportunists/players) from the Internet when the Miraculous (G.raphic U.ser I.nterface) "NETSCAPE-BROWSER" came out.
Acsually I was on the Internet Before It became "Public" Internet # 2 Pipe & "Nodes" (#1 pipe & "NODE" is for GOV. & Universitys, science..) spun-off via the "National Science Foundation" way back Pre-1990 when all we had was a black Screnn & White Fonts. i.e. DOS, UNIX, CPM-86... operating Systems (Kernels).
I used to pitch (1989+) the up & comming Internet , aka New Frontier, as an "ELECTRONIC STORE FRONT" that ALL The World can See you & folks did not understand.
Remember "You've Got Mail"? [1st AOL internert Provider & that experience}
Now suddenly every body is NURD or GURU!

PS: Tavern On the Green was my 1st Customer & I would Host (Server) their & other "Clients" Sights at 1-World Trade Center until them SATANIC lovin Versing Jihaddists took , what they could never Create on their Own, Them Down via OUr (not Their) but Hijacked Aeroplanes.
Now Al Islam Has the Internet to Spread their Poison/Dillussion once more. What "TWITS"!
Question: As PROPHETS & maybe god(s); Who Founded the Holy Internet? aJew, aChristian, aMuslom, aHindu, aBuddhist.. Man or Virtual Man?'


It's a long tough slog to get through this much info but the crux of the matter is the 9-11 hijackers had their biological clocks altered and they believed it was 3:00...my virtual friend also tells me that I resent being kidnapped, I think he said his name is A Ness. Will update when I am closer to being certain. Oh, and it seems he didn't take kindly to you threatening the Professor.

First take on it:
“You and I seek an end and given the importance of His cause and ‘salute’ Him in His cause, and as it were in the Los Angeles Olympics and lands in all the schools of medicine, newpapers, including cartoons encourage the material. It’s real big on the Internet to promote the way of Zero and those ‘silly dog?’ ‘threat to the presence of the Professor’s analysis’ in a secret meeting/conference. In general, can also contact/check WAPO Saturday …or telepath via 0, 1 and numbers up to terabytes. Yes, X CIA Government, via Level 3 communications and the level of the ‘Massiah’ and “Network” (founder)….”difficult” to interact with the world community, and we can build it.

Note: In the greater scheme of things, love not RITORDUOTTUKOMU (I think the word is RETRIBUTION--I'm a little slow that's why this is still a draft 2.2.2010) the opportunity to play or not and I have embedded your face, my friend, in the Netscape GUI on the Internet…

On this page over the Internet and Actual Internet #2 “contract” to see the Number’1 cause “local” time to “public radio and Universities, and Research Institutes…with the cause, “National Science Foundation” back in 1990 had written a white paper. This means that the operating system costs CPM—86 cause the system to be the key means to a United Kingdom (1989 and forward), as the Internet moves to new areas so does this world. (from the m dash forward it could also read '86 ....(kernl).' or 'end the KERNEL campaign' but I am not so optomistic to think they have any such compassion.

'“Electron transaction” is called ‘Arabs’ ('a Rab's= 'Unto God's), but you cannot see. (And why am I not privvy to the show?--oh, its b} i'm dead and while all the other 'girls' get to go shopping or make jewelry, I get the blue prints to build something like I have all the resources or intelligence in the world and i don't already have enough to do for little or no benefit to me whatsoever,,,i guess i can be very selfish and bitter if i want2)

Do you remember ‘You've Got Mail’? One piece of experience during the AOL inert internet? Most or all ‘Biogenerated and U R DAN!’

Simmonds='In a similar fashion' or 'See me on dis'? My first ‘customers’ were those green devils …World Trade Center… I caused an error in the Jihaddists biological clock (3:00 pm)... and other attractions and He is the one whose ‘kidnapping’ in His cause you cannot accept?

Islam, is the Web’s new septic tank divides (segregates/separates) dillusion and ‘spreading stupid’ again. 'Idiots!'

Qaf (50) or Mark 5 or Question: The rhetoric and the opportunity within God’s Holy cause to see (Return) AJew, AChristian, AMuslim, AHindu, ABuddist…Is this the construction that of a virtual local (neighboring/confined/limited) person or persons?

I think computer sees something like this: =IF((True=”Jew”, “Christian”, “Muslim”, “Hindu”, “Buddhist”…,"1","0")

PS I am still trying to decipher this but think Google got it yesterday, its doing something like an iterative language translation (Gida=General Iterative Decoding Attack) using Google tools and for a precedent I started with the English and translated succesively based on who bombed who (language order based on order of conquests througout history), for a more advanced maybe more accurate reading try going back to the order of conquest on the Planet up to modern day... I don't happen to have a Cray Computer at my disposal and I have to work for a living...

Based on what is given, here is my carefully-worded response: I know why You draw fire to Yourself, but we both know how it really went down and You know in Truthness this is not about me! They show no sign of stopping their 'cosmic' 'get-love-out-of-jail' 'Kernel' campaign...and methinks its not funny. BTW my brain is Your HSKH B}?...did you run out of paper or virtual space or somethnig? And I have a better idea-- You stay with Your friends who like to play dead and then ditch me and build it here, but next time You send the 'car' around please make sure both kids are with me and I don't care if your Messenger does give me the silent treatment, I like what You built over There ; )

PSS: Why are there depth charges going off under my house? Neuremberg Role Disaster playing game=NURD? Gee You Are You or Great Understanding Relatively Useless =GURU?

Anyone care to check whether the planes that flew into the world trade center were even produced by 2001? That means checking all the serial numbers of all the parts and verifying they were produced by the time of the unfortunate event.

Idiots aren'te we all? Your glib take explains the media, internet, published papers even, but what about the biogenerated units, and Your 3 Ambassadors to date? If they don't really exist, I want to have my stretch marks disappear by tomorrow morning, just like everything else around here and a ton of valuable currency in my bank account, that I can have access to so I can finally go shopping.

The NURD proposition that You are me and that I am just part of a virtual role playing game doesn't fly by me, because it's all too late for that. Primarily because the incessant pain keeps everything all too REAL. While everyone else is taken by the UFO sky show, the aliens I see are driving up to me, walking up to me, or trascend the space-time continuum such as in Michael's case and none of them look like some woman gave birth to them or that they can be a product of anyOne's imagination save God's. I was especially taken by the one who seemed to bend light and project images of objects just by staring into space and You and i know he was no way virtual or some random combination of DNA.

See me on this: The stretch marks haven't vanished and I am telepathing a very large number up to terabytes in currency (all 1's) that is still worth something around this so-called-virtual realm because I think I can have more fun accomplishing what I am doing here just by picking out the right pair of shoes and clothes with the proper drape and cut.

And we both know I haven't had a bed to sleep in for over a decade by now.

PSS: 'Booger' this and that means "it's happening right under their noses" and 'George' ='Geo r ja 'ee' means "Return to Earth' which as You know I made the call as prompted that day and what was supposed to be a 'tincture of time' has amounted to over a dozen years their local time and I have no intentions of doing any such thing and You Know Why!

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