The following are only primary examples of how the first 5 Signs in Chapter 100 of the Quran can be interpreted. There are as many variations on this theme as there are colors in the rainbow; not one is more relavent than the others, and none can be taken as erroneous; the information the Signs contain is only limited by our understanding of the World around us and how effectively we can extract it. As an additional consideration of timeliness; consider the alternative meanings of the word Coursers; one that means a huntsman that uses hounds that search based on sight rather than scent or may be referring to the hounds themselves.

Surah 100 Al'Adyati (The Coursers/Ancients)

Let me explain it to you, Lucy...

Quran Surah 100 Al-'adyat (The Coursers/Ancients)
100:1 وَالْعَادِيَاتِ ضَبْحًا
100:2 فَالْمُورِيَاتِ قَدْحًا
100:3 فَالْمُغِيرَاتِ صُبْحًا
100:4 فَأَثَرْنَ بِهِ نَقْعًا
100:5 فَوَسَطْنَ بِهِ جَمْعًا

Classical Interpretation

100:1 And the Coursers Panting/Chargers Snorting/Huffing
100:2 Striking sparks of fire
100:3 And changing the Day (Outcome)
100:4 Leaving A Trail of Dust
100:5 Cleaving Through the Center (of the Fray)

100:1 Mention standard illuminance Hα (Hydrogen alpha)
100:2 And bellows ignite Mo (Molybdenum)
100:3 Mention reduction
100:4 Mention raising dust; had raised by N sign; raised the SOCI (spin
orbit configuration interaction) by purifying it
100:5 Mention mediated
together (as a group; collectively)

100:1 Mention ordinary Illumination of HA(==Hahnium or Hyaluronic Acid or
Ca5(PO4)3OH hydroxyapatite or humic acid (half life measured in centuries))
100:2 And irrigation of Mo (molybdenum) Or A cup of Muriatic acid; mention pain in the lungs
100:3 Mention reduction (=defamation ie. lower state/reduction)/cell meiosis;
changes pouring/decanting/infusing HA
100:4 Mention impact of Nitrogen soaking A (first substance as in 100:1);
mention the dust/sediment soaked with it; affecting the fall rate
100:5 Mention collects at the center/cleaves at the center
(depending on which experiment is run)
Computer Science/Systems Engineering

100:1 Mention an ordinary Gator Board (circuit board configuration?)or lizard abode (no doubt where we get the notion about reptilian aliens)
100:2 And the PAD EAT ZB-- HA!
100:3 for acceleration, mass, time, force and Joules, concern (fear)
distance, Petawatt ; or converter/frequency altered
100:4 So they’re warned NSPA (n’es pas); soaking/inundating (reference to tsunami alert system?)100:5 Priority que(ing) I notify (warning/telling/informing) CMPA (P and Q INBE CMPA)

100:1 Mention the usual position of the Hour Angle (Right Ascension)
100:2 Mention the Moors quarters/stations cup/prize??
100:3 Mention alters morning/the dawn
100:4 Mention raising dust
100:5 We gathered the crowd with it

There is an indirect reference to Thessalonians I, can you find it?
It would take some time to explain all of the interpretations of Signs 100:1-100:5; but the Astronomy/Human angle is accessible to many, so while it appears to be the last example rendered above, I thought I would attempt that first (FILO).

Hour Angle is one of the coordinates that locates the
position of a point on the celestial sphere and is equal to the difference
between the object's local sidereal time (LST) and its location, or the
objects Right Ascension (the celestial equivalent of terrestial longitude; usually denoted as RA or α).

HA is given by: HAobject = LST - RAobject

The other point needed to fix the position is the


The Moors were the among the earliest to navigate using the Astrolabe, Quadrant,
and Compass; using such instruments was revived only later by the Europeans. The
Moors originated in Northern Africa and one of the earliest examples of the
Quadrant was the Water Clock at Alexandria. Perhaps that is what is meant by the
Moor's 'quarter' since the Quadrant is 1/4 of an Astrolabe. The Moors were also
reknowned for their Architecture and their most notable Prize(s) are the
Alhambra Mosque in Granada and/or the Great Mosque in Cordoba, Spain. The Cup
could also be a reference to winning some sports event connected to any or all
of the above mentions.

Indicates that the celestial event whose RA is given in 100:1 and appears to
be local to areas bearing significance to Spanish Moors; either their
architecture in Cordoba or Granada or perhaps at a sporting event will appear to
alter the day; maybe a fancy way of saying an eclipse or something someone more
savvy than me can conclude based on what is written here.


There are many meanings to 'Raising Dust'; such an event can arise from the
weather. When we die we return to dust, so in a manner of speaking, one could
infer a Resurrection is another way of 'Raising Dust.' Or on some level what is
happening in the skies over Spain, a UFO? mayhaps, is an instrument for raising

Sounds like it is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser!
Note: On the less Romantic take, maybe there is some association with Moorish Architecture in the City of Opa Locka Florida (does it still have one of the highest crime rates in the country?) and perhaps streets associated with Cups or Prizes.
There are several things going on with the interpretation of 100:1-100:5 wrt Chemistry/Biology/Medicine.


  1. One of the things called to attention is HA; taken to mean
    Hayluronic Acid for one instance.

  2. The next instance is HA taken to mean Hahnium (Dubnium);
  3. In the case of Humic Acid; it could be referring to soil treatment, carbon dating, or cleaving carbon macromolecules (as in coal).
    1. I don't understand how anything in 100:2 such as Mauriatic Acid (hydrochloric acid) may apply to the following nitrogen associations with Hyaluronic Acid, yet.

    2. The transition metal Hahnium (Dubnium) taken with a secondary metal Moly (Mo, Molybdenum)
    3. Muriatic acid is basically HCl used in sample hydrolysis; the humic fraction of organic samples are not soluble in acid; however the fulvic fraction is soluble in HCl.

  1. In 100:3 there is something remarkable about soaking Hyaluronic Acid in Nitrogen. A cursory search for the effects of Nitrogen associated with Hyaluronic Acid yielded the following result: In an article published in Biotechnology Progress, (Physiological implications of glucose and complex-nitrogen-limited growth, by M.J. Cooney, T. Gohl, et. al, 1999, v. 15, no. 5, pp 898-910) the investigators found that Nitrogen-limited growth (Nitrogen soaking alluded to in 100:4) of Hyaluronic Acid increased the yield (collected at the center, ie, amassed as indicated in 100:5) while reducing its (HA's) molecular weight (100:3 mentions reduction).

  2. There is a method for depositing an elemental metal M(0) (formal charge zero) film on a semiconductor substrate comprising: exposing a first metal precursor to a reactive agent in the presence of a supercritical solvent containing an excess amount of neutral labile ligands, wherein the metal in the first metal precursor has a first oxidation state, wherein the first oxidation state is a thermodynamically favored oxidation state of the metal; forming in-situ a second metal precursor, wherein the metal in the second metal precursor has a second oxidation state, and wherein the second oxidation state is lower than the first oxidation state and is less thermodynamically favored; exposing the in-situ formed second metal precursor to a reducing agent and/or thermal energy; reducing the in-situ formed second metal precursor to the elemental metal M(0); and depositing the elemental metal M(0) film on a semiconductor substrate while minimizing formation of metal oxides. Read more; In this case the neutral labile ligands is associated with Nitrogen soaking such as dinitrogen/amines/nitriles. Is this the reducing agent in this case? Can anyone describe the reaction?

  3. There are cases for reductive cleaving of molecules when treating biomass mobile decay products containing Humic Acid. It is of interest to note the effect of Nitrogen on the sedimentation rate. Again, not having ready access to the literature I am at a loss as to why this is significant and worth mentioning.

The Physics perspective is intriguing, unfortunately, I don't have membership that allows ready access to the work that pertains to what is going on in 100:1-100:5 wrt to Hydrogen alpha emissions and Moly. I managed to locate one article that could tie it all together, but I can't draw any conclusions based on the abstract, (I guess You don't want me to think too hard and hurt myself), maybe someone else can have better luck:

The Study of MARFE During Long Pulse Discharge in the
HT-7 Tokamak
, by W. Gao, X. Gao, M. Asif, et. al; Journal of Nuclear
Materials, v. 363-365 , 15 Jun 2007, pp 770-774.

If it's Astrophysics we are talking about, Astronomers
can recognize the significance of Hydrogen alpha emission (Λ = 6562 Angstrom and its relationship to cosmic gas clouds (the dust in this case).

What is remarkable or to be kept in mind is that it's the ordinary or standard Hα we are talking about; Nitrogen, the collective effect on/of Moly and purity, mediation and the sign raising, and the spin orbital configuration interaction all seem to factor into this particular observation.
Ok. The Computer Science/Systems angle has me stumped; I got a D in that one class I took in school (D for Dungeons and Dragons, and my Prof. said he was generous not to have given me an F for 'Few Females Fare Well in his class').

But how's this for inspiration:

Elephants can hear with their feet; a PAD resembling
gator boards; pressure/acoustic/seismic activity/waves.

Elephant's Foot ==Pressure Discretization In A Pipe

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