Just Who Are Those Blonde Guys Walking Around?

Patient (bewildered): They said when I wake up, I should say 'I want to be a Mom and shop the end-of-the-aisle.'

Doctor (muttering): Do you think I want to see any more of those blonde guys walking around!?

Always best to lead in with a joke when it is a matter of life or death...

I recently came across the published treatise "Invisible Killers: The Truth About Environmental Genocide" by Rik J. Deitch and MD Stewart Lonky and was bewildered with one of the author's involvement in putting it into print.

In fact, the . Maxie Time diary refers to an instance wherein the patient pointedly asks the doctor to assess the possibility that she had suffered a . toxic exposure, leading to multiple chemical sensitivity (August 21, 1996) and he replied,. "That's a controversial issue, asthma is less so."

Simply amazing what a decade of denial can do; let the statute of limitations run out--or is the reader to conclude that the government along with the medico-legal community want to be trendy (a la Al Gore) and are now comfortable extolling the truth about . environmental toxic exposure..

. At any rate, while the book is presented by two experts, the subject of "those blonde guys walking around" is carefully avoided--now that would have made for some really interesting reading!.

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