The Real Game

There’s some characters amongst them. That’s for sure. There’s one bloke who sure looks like he needs to get a few burgers into him. He’s the skinniest critter that u’s have ever seen. His arms r pretzels and his legs r matchsticks.

He moves like strings r attached to them. His nickname u’s soon discover is Brains. Obviously because that is the widest part of him. That’s his main muscle.
He’s wucken skinny though.

A 3 out of 10 fart would blow him away.

by Gordon Egan

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  1. A friend and one of my favorite authors wanted to post a comment, but his archaic computer wouldn't allow it, so I am copying his comments here:

    I have been perusing your sites and was amazed by the amount of incredible stuff that you have there. I tried to post but my computer is ancient and buggered up with ' this programme has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down', which it often does when I'm on the net.
    I'll throw some Nisarga ~ isms at you though, because reading your sites evoked them, and encountering this Guru changed everything for me. Mainly because it taught me to shift from I am going to use the mind as an analytical tool to figure stuff out with alphabetic concepts ( a sure recipe for confusion and bemusion) - to pure I am.
    The I am is present during sleep, and then the eyes open and it all gets going when the mind takes over with I am a bodymind machine in a world in a universe etc.
    The I am is an always open door. It is never closed. It is a holographic door in, and a holographic door out.
    In is dreaming, unreal and un natural. The 'known'
    To go thru it and out of this crap is non dreaming, Real and natural. The 'unknown'. No I am.
    These days I sometimes stand in the doorway and gaze one way towards the manifested multiverses, and then look the other way towards who we really are.
    Nisarga says - The unreal never really lives, the Real never dies.
    The final answer is that 'nothing is'.
    The mind must explode to reach the Real.
    He has a 4 fold drop down model to explain the duality of our appalling dualistic existences.

    LIGHT (The Real) No I am
    Consciousness The piddly bit of the known in the eternal immensity of the unknown.
    Mind A drop of consciousness which holographically projects a subjective, which it then takes to be its objective.

    At Source however, every human and everything else is the Light. It appears as though the Light asks - Who Am I? Then all of the drop down to body shit happens. However, we are not bodies, nor minds. Simply put we do not exist as singularities, and there is only One life going on. Being the life of the Light - which exists as pure bliss.
    Nisarga said that he owed his existence as an I am to no God, nor any universe.
    He could not describe the Real except in negative terms. Not this, not that etc.
    He was not interested in past lives and claimed to have been never born nor have ever died.
    He said to not try and love all until the realisation hits that the same Light that flows thru one, flows thru all. Even murderers are the Light.
    This is the Guru's trick. They draw themselves back into consciousness with their 'witnessing', and disassociate themselves with all concern for the bodymindmachine and its poxy duality, until they realise that they're already enlightened, because they are at root, the Light.
    They know then that the universe is 'false'. It is not real.
    A good one of the Master's is ~ 'Never is there so much life as after death'.
    I like that one xxxxx, I like it a lot, but I know that I have to kill both like and dislike to really get anywhere.
    As souls, I don't think that we can stop coming into bodies, because we are young and have phenomenal desires for sensual experience. Not just for sex and romantic love and aesthetic stuff, but also because we can draw so much closer to the Light by retaining our affinity for it, in a holographic set up where our emotions can so easily have us playing the dark clown who lusts for mortal power etc.
    So far I haven't killed anyone but I've had days when if I'd had have a universe bomb I would have detonated it, and put myself and everyone else out of their misery.
    To be able to say ~ It's the mind mucking around with alphabetic constructs and not who I really am however, is bliss.
    A couple of times in I Am That, which is the only one of Nisarga's books that I have, he says that 'our thoughts' are not 'our thoughts' anyway. They come out of a collective holographic pool, or something.
    There's a lot I don't understand, and there's a lot that I do understand, but I just can't put it into words.
    Writing fiction is therapy for me which helps me to more clearly understand.
    Bungalow Max is all about deep existential anger really.
    Like I said, I tried to post this...but...
    Have fun xxxxx. I am. Try experimenting with the I am by itself. It brings enormous peace because nothing can touch you there.