Is There Life After Death?

The short answer is Yes!

If you find yourself needing an explanation, then be prepared to arm yourself with all the science, math, philosophy, computerese, communication skills and spirituality you can delve into in order to understand the following proof by way of explanation.

You must first free yourself of the limitation of thinking that God is some guy! Once you have been immersed in all the knowledge you can find on this 3rd or 4th dimensional Earth, you’ll realize that your definite human brain encased in a limited physical body cannot encompass the infinite God. So get comfortable with the idea that God is not limited and can do anything and everything all at once, without permission or explanation. God is Creator, you are created, and you are not God.

If you have difficulty grasping this concept then please take a moment to dwell on the fact that the sunlight reaching your eyes left the sun about 8 minutes ago from the time it first lands on your cornea and then there is a further lag from the time the light reaches your cornea to the time it passes through your optic nerve and then gets processed by your brain that you have finally seen the light. You have now come to understand that no matter how much you try, in the physical world, you are really living in the past. This is the nature of Creation. Further introspection will lead you to know that anything and everything has already happened and nothing surprises God, and there is not much that we as creatures can do about it except live and learn and by doing so, get to know our Creator.

You should also know that God is a living entity and as such is the God of the living and if ever you find yourself dead, you are not much use to God in that condition, so you will find yourself instantaneously resurrected in order to see what exactly you missed on the first pass at life (this may have occurred several times throughout your life already without you being aware).

You will not come back as an amoeba or a frog or your next door neighbor, but you will be or are the same being you believe yourself to be. Please take a moment here to reflect deeply on your life and see if there is any discontinuity in your memory, or if you have had any dreams in which you were flying or if you recently think yourself to have slept through an earthquake or other natural or man-made catastrophe. This is a good place to catch up on reading about multiple dimensions and then I invite you to reflect on what something in a dream state here may mean in hyperspace; or think what a massive meteorite striking the 3rd dimensional Earth might look like from tetra space-- just look how Emily interacts with Bob here.

You will find that these concepts work rather well with the solar geometry website which proves mathematically that our solar system is mathematically regular and perfect, therefore, recurring. According to the late Mr. Alan Bennett, if the Earth reoccurs then the same is true for you and me and everything else around here. We reoccur, but death interrupts us, that does not mean we do not go on, just somewhere else (so many Earths to choose from), whether we believe it or not, perceive it or not, that is just what all the facts are pointing to.

You may also catch up on reading about the current state of knowledge regarding the ‘mind’ and you may be surprised to know that we don’t know much about the human ‘mind’ although we have mapped the brain and the human genome. For the ‘mind’ is truly an enigma, but basically it records our experiences and makes us think they are continuous throughout our lives, but this continuity is an illusion; again, a by-product of our faulty perception. Much like when we watch something on television and we don’t really sense the flicker of the images, they appear to be one cohesive image but we know they are not. They are multiple frames timed in such a way as to fool our time-delayed perception.

This lack of awareness that things are not really continuous or even solid for that matter is due in part to our being lulled into believing things and events transpire according to rules we learned in school or throughout our so called life. It is because we think that we have the answer to everything. This becomes ingrained once we blossom into adulthood and explains why childhood is magic and adulthood is not. If you don’t believe that you have been living much of your adult life blissfully unaware of your surroundings then consider this. Why is it that many ancient civilizations are being dug up from several meters underground, yet the pyramids which predate many of these civilizations, are still exposed. Shouldn’t they have been at least buried half way by now?

You may be able to think of better examples to demonstrate my point, but at any rate this all points to the fact that the majority of us are walking around in a semi-somnambulant state. We don’t really pay attention to the details because we are too busy paying bills, attending games, eating or doing some other mundane thing that we don’t even notice if we are interacting with someone who may have already died and this to them would be their life after death. This level of awareness is generally reached by some of our populace after much meditation, prayer or twisting into pretzel-like objects on a yoga mat, and is what we refer to as enlightenment.

Once you have primed yourself with the minutia of extra dimensions and quantum theory, you can’t help but notice that time itself is not as it appears. Time is neither linear nor circular and is by no means a one-way arrow, but can be viewed from hyperspace to look more like a meandering river with girth, and breadth, and length and volume. You will realized that your mind has not recorded all these points in time, because you either have a faulty memory or you have not yet lived them all. What if you die now? It is an inevitable…this will on some planet Earth disintegrate your brain—and your mind?

Please think. Now you have to call on all your knowledge of holography and holograms. You may also wish to read philosophical treatise on language and metaphor in order for the following to make sense. I will attempt to write about holograms, but this explanation, is to be understood on different levels just like this life is lived in multiple dimensions. But since here we are limited to conveying a thought in words we have to confine the argument to a manner that is accessible to interpretation by our physical senses and hopefully your mind will catch my meaning.

A hologram is made by capturing an image from multiple angles and combining it on some flat media, like a film, or glass plate. When the image is then illuminated by light at two different angles, the image re-emerges as a three-dimensional whole (composite) of the flat impression some distance away from the medium, a hologram. If you take the medium on which the image is captured and cut it up or splinter it into many pieces, and then illuminate any single one of these fragments, you will not just get a partial hologram of the original but the hologram in its entirety. Your mind can be likened to the holographic medium, it behaves in a similar fashion when it is ‘broken’, i.e. dies. The light, of course, is a metaphor for God, and it continually illuminates your mind, making entire life experiences over and over of whatever piece of your mind is currently under examination. This happens whether or not you believe there is a God (but your belief one way or the other may affect the quality of your experience).

I hope I have given you enough to think about and read about for now, and quelled any doubts you may have about your life after death.

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