Chemistry And Moral Law 101

Semapimod or CNI-1493

There is a relatively new anti-inflamatory drug CNI-1493, or Semapimod that is showing promise for treating Alzheimers.

What effects can be expected when Semapimod (either the entire molecule or just the phenolic portion) is used in situ with organic compounds isolated from olives such as the phenolic compounds oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, vanillic, p-hydroxybenzoic, sinapic, syringic, protocatechuic and cinnamic acids; and/or terpenoids or aliphatic compounds and products from the shikimic acid pathway found in flowering plants like figs and/or rarer ones specific to figs that are not commonly found in other floral fragrances?
**Note: For what to look for when making substitutions please see Area 51 Revisited above.
If any of this shows up in the LA Time Crossword puzzle over the next few days, then I know I am dreaming and my husband must think I am wayyyy too late for dinner; my goose is cooked!

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