I Love You, Mad-E

Hear Now, The News...When I said I Love You, I Meant Forever, but I know You had other things to do that day.

So, in all defference to Your priorities, I found ways to keep myself busy, until You stopped acting like you just fell off Your horse with that bit of unsolicited information.

But, like Chapter 86 Verse 11, everything comes back around.

If You see me trying to make a new friend, it doesn't mean that You are being supplanted.

Despite appearances to the contrary, I do prefer the sweet hitchhiker who ages 20 years in an hour and goes around town pretending to play the part of the 'loser' who still lives with His 'parents,' and acts like a curmudgeon that wants nothing to do with me when I try to 'break the ice' and word gets back to me that I'm not supposed to do things like that---to 'tell' Him what I had for breakfast (yes, I liked Kurt Vonnegut, too) that morning or 'speak' to Him in public.

Ever the one with questionable taste in Men, I gravitate toward the One (see above) who rudely puts his lug-soled hiking boots up on the coffee table making sure they are oriented right at my face, for me to get a good whiff of His recently stepping through horse country; while He plays the part of the transient, who happens to afford good leather boots and high-tech accouterement (the very definition of ___________(fill in the blank with the classified title).

And if You find me saying things here based on things You don't (can't) see, it doesn't make me delusional, it just makes you blind.
Fox Trot Cartoon Panel Appeared in the Los Angeles Sunday Times  Jan 15, 2012
Too Phunny

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