Heaven and High Dimension

Here I have been discussing life after death in laymen’s terms and anecdotal first-hand experience. Imagine my surprise to hear this chat taking place, however reluctantly, in our pantheons of science and technology. I am speaking about non other than renowned physicist and modern thinker Lisa Randall, currently at Harvard University.

While Randall was recently given the honor of making Time Magazines 100 Most Influential people for her work regarding the evidence of a ‘high dimension’ (May 14, 2007), her answer to the ‘big question’ is “You know, all the work I've done makes me think the existence of God less likely," she says. "I want solutions and God just seems like such a cop-out." (Tuesday June 21, 2005The Guardian)

Having never met Randall, I can’t help but like her, even if she’s not from Brooklyn. So, I’d like to say ‘higher dimension’ is nothing more than what us laics have learned to call ‘heaven’ and as for that ‘G-d’ issue, it is best to remind our friends that when things are done right, it appears as if you have done nothing at all. I hope G forgives me for giving up his? modus operandi.

Regarding Randall’s views on multiple dimensions, in the same article in The Guardian ‘Randall is happy to take a pop at string theorists who talk of 10 or 11 dimensions when "nobody really knows how string theory actually works", and she has no time for ideas that incorporate small dimensions. "Who cares about a dimension that is too small to be relevant to anything?"‘ Here is my answer to her question, “We non-entities that travel through it.” And in my answer many will see the difference between a scientist and an engineer.

If you are reading this Lisa, I have to finish by saying I have nothing but the greatest deal of respect for you.

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