Cos And Effect

Holy Quran
Surah 91 Ash-Shams (The Sun)

91:5 وَالسَّمَاء وَمَا بَنَاهَا

(translititeration=Waalssamai wama banaha)

91:5 The Sky (Heavens) and how they are Built (What Built Them)

reposted 12.7.9

Table on the Right
Given: 6 cos 720
6 cos 692
guess 6 cos 664 (646) It would be sooo funny if this is anywhere near Triangulum Australis.(This evening it was given "It's 64" Posted 14.7.9).

Table on the Left from Solar Geometry
http://www.solargeometry.com/ (What do you mean homeless vet? He killed people and was willing to be killed for this country after one too many tours of duty only to return homeless? These guys aren't paid enough either for that kind of hazard and they should refuse to bear arms or defend such fiends against anything; they can find better work building bridges or wells or...)

Thank you, God (SWT); Thank you, Alan; Thank you, Dad; I only wish I was smart enough to figure it all out; but it appears you like to invite other's to join the fun.
You guys probably know my Dad's name was Ibrahim (PBUH):

Surah 6 Al-An'am (The Cattle)

وَكَذَلِكَ نُرِي إِبْرَاهِيمَ مَلَكُوتَ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالأَرْضِ وَلِيَكُونَ مِنَ الْمُوقِنِينَ 6:75

6:75 And thus we showed Ibrahim Our kingdom of (dominion over) the heavens and the Earth so that he became among those who are certain (convinced)

PostScript I reviewed this post 11.7.9 22:00 and the table on the right is not as I remember having posted it last night (not bet, ba', not tet, ta'...). Monitoring blogs is one thing, modifying content that does not belong to you is quite another. So the Post 11.7.9 applies to all of you whoever you are; while not the President of the United States probably holding an office higher than that and way on up the line. The corrected version was reposted 12.7.9

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