The Thief In The Night

Last night at about 11:45 pm someone sauntered up to my husband's car that was parked in our driveway, blithely opened the door without checking if any other neighborhood car doors were unlocked, searched every compartment and made off with his cell phone.

This someone made sure to slam the car door very loudly so as to attract as much attention as possible and then made off very fast; so fast that a nearby patrol car chased them down and appeared to pull them over since the sirens only went on for a short burst.

I called the police department today to see whether the culprit was indeed aprehended and the cell phone turned in as evidence, only to have the officer inform me that no cell phones were confiscated from the night before and that he was sorry this happened to us and to come down to the station and file a report.

The cell phone was over three years old; a model that none of the kids thought was cool enough to use and was a hand-me-down to my husband when one of them got a better one for a birthday present. So, neither my husband nor myself felt it was worth the effort to file a report; especially since the thief didn't take anything else from the vehicle.

Value of cell phone = $0 'taken'

Value of Italian sunglasses = $475 not taken

Value of Leather driving gloves = $ 250 not taken

Value of Quarters for parking meters = $10 not taken

Value of 2 Packs Chewing Gum = $ 5 not taken

There has been something on my mind since oh about 1997 and that is an item that had also been 'borrowed' from me at the time. While over the years the contents within it have been returned and I was able to find an exact copy to replace the item that went 'missing' I couldn't dismiss not wanting it back. But, now that I know who my 'friends' are I find that I must request that it be returned to me since it had sentimental value and I hope these 'charmers' have not mangled it too badly---feel free to keep the cell phone, but it would only be considerate to return the SIM card too.

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