"Men are so necessarily mad, that not to be mad would amount to another form of madness." --Blaise Pascal

Since the Space Ship Building Mission is temporarily suspended until otherwise informed, and yet still feeling the pull-- out of force of habit-- to visit and update this blog, I have gone through and peppered it with relevant quotes having to do with Madness and Insanity.

Note: 'Peppering' implies having excercised some level of restraint since I could just as easily have Salted it; but given the News that Your WIFE Is A Lunatic-- not that I suffer from lunacy but have come to enjoy it very much--I thought YOU would appreciate the nexus.

BTW...Insanity in English means Madness and sounds just like the Arabic word for "My Humanity",  إنسانيتي  and if One happens to be afflicted with a lithp it may just as well be given as "inthanity" which means "My Woman"  or "Bend/Fold" or just as likely to be mistaken for,  if not listening carefully,  انفنتي  "Infinity".

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