Alright, All In

...and just as She suspected, He is All American! (ALL BETS ARE OFF IF HE INSISTS ON LOOKING LIKE MY EX-MOTHER-IN-LAW!)

Because the minute He finally does something that sets Her off, He says, "I'm Sorry--about that."

That being she discovers Her erstwhile 'Husband' is a Cross-Dresser!

Since the Revelation takes place in a public venue, She sucks it up (along with half a pack of cigarettes (American Spirits, organic, no added preservatives, pesticides, or accelerants--so they must be good for you) and says, "It's Okay."

And tries Her best to look on the bright side, after all, Her wardrobe had instantly doubled (if the 70's street fashion should ever take hold again in Her so-called-Lifetime), and She settles quickly on the idea that He's raiding Her panty drawer and doesn't mind it at all because He is so Clean He Squeaks.

And the cigarettes help interim with any oral fixation issues She may have that He is too busy exploring His femme side to satisfy.

{Entered 06_11_2011 I get it, 'It's just a phase He's going through'--It took a whole month to figure that one out and it's so funny--but I finally got it in a public venue so I can't crack up, or double over, or whatever the appropriate response is expected to be...}

And He finds some solace in Knowing that She takes the News so well, because She is not likely to let 'Beautiful' and 'Sexy' go to Her head since She doesn't trade in that , and where She comes from that and $2.50 gets Her a ride on the NYC MTA.

Level headed to the bitter end She was never One to confuse Love with Pain or Brave with Stupid, either.

What else Ya got? (I Heard You Say 'Not another word,' but since this is off-topic, I felt it would be permissible)

{Added Monday May 14, 2012...The Identity Crisis continues, but She has come across this type of behavior before---it all falls under the umbrella of MisUnderstanding--like when He Miss Takes for a Smile Her pained grimace (Her Old Age Talking) and what He calls that deep thoughtful introspective look on Her face for--- je ne c'est quoi--gravitas?, is simply Her trying to remember where She parked the car.}

"There is no point in driving yourself mad trying to stop yourself going mad. You might just as well give in and save your sanity for later."
--Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

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